Finishing touches for the Quilted Ring Bearer Pillow

In the last post we created the front of the quilted ring bearer pillow. Today’s post will complete the pillow using PFAFF’s creative sensation pro.

Quilted Ring Bearer Pillow

Attach Ring Ribbon

Choosing a ribbon for the pillow

The choice for the ribbon is personal – based on what you like and perhaps even what ribbon you have on hand.

I checked out images on google to see what’s traditional/trendy for the ribbon on the pillow – and then I checked my stash!

pin and stitch ribbon in place on pillow

I chose a pale blue ribbon from my stash – it’s about 12″ long and ¼ʺ wide.

Fold the ribbon in half and pin at the midway point in the middle of the center design.

Use matching thread to hand stitch the ribbon to the pillow – a few stitches will do it.

Make Pillow Form

fabric for pillow form

Cut two pieces of the white material each 7″ square.

pillow form pieces ready to sew

Sew with right sides together leaving a 2-3″ turning gap. Be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of the gap.

fill the pillow form with stuffing or leftover batting bits

Turn right way out.

Stuff with leftover batting pieces – mine were leftover cutoffs from trimming quilts.

Stuff pretty firm pushing batting into the corners.

Hand stitch the opening closed.

Prepare Pillow Back Panels

pillow back panels

Cut two panels from the white fabric each 8″ x 7″ high.

¼ʺ hem

On one of the panels press a ¼ʺ of fabric to the wrong side with your iron, then press another ¼ʺ of fabric.

Sew on the right side of the fabric a ¼ʺ seam to make a hem.

1/2 inch hem on second panel

On the second panel, press a ¼ʺ of fabric to the wrong side with your iron, then press a ½ʺ of fabric over it.

Sew a ¼ʺ seam on the right side of the fabric down the edge to make a hem; then sew a ½ʺ away from that seam to sew a second hem.

Lay out Pillow Sandwich

layer pillow front and bottom back panel

Place the pillow front Right Side Up on a pinning surface.
Put the panel with the large hem Right Side Down on top of the pillow front lining up the ‘unsewn’ edge with the bottom edge of the pillow – see photo.

I tied my ribbon into a bow to keep it from getting into the seam allowance. If you used a longer ribbon than I did you might want to even pin the ends in the middle to keep them out of the seam.

pin the pillow layers together

Put the panel with the small hem Right Side Down overlapping the hemmed edge of the first panel with the small hem edge.

Pin all the way around the pillow. Be sure to pin where the panels overlap to keep fabric from shifting and to remind yourself to slow down a bit as you sew over these two areas.

¼ʺ quilting foot

Sew around the pillow edge using the ¼ʺ quilting foot. The markings on this foot make it very useful for sewing around the edge – when the ¼ʺ red mark is at the edge of your pillow you know it’s time to turn and continue sewing a perfect ¼ʺ seam.

Be sure to reverse stitch where the two panels overlap to increase strength of these seams.

push out pillow corners

Clip the corners of your pillow cover. Turn the cover right side out. I used a plastic envelope opener to push out my corners – use any special tool or gadget you have to do the same!

Finishing Touches

¼ʺ top stitch around pillow edge

I added a mini flange or top stitch around the edge of the pillow ¼ʺ away from the edge – again using the handy ¼ʺ quilting foot!

This adds a finished look to the pillow and gives a tighter fit for the pillow form.

Use thread that matches the pillow fabric and sew the top stitch with the front of the pillow facing up.

quilted ring bearer pillow

Insert the pillow form; I tucked it into the underneath panel then pulled the top panel over the pillow to help it get all the way into the pillow cover.

rings on the pillow

The quilted ring bearer pillow is complete – just add rings! I hope this project brings some joy and inspiration to you. I was very impressed with the professional results I got using PFAFF’s creative sensation pro to make this pillow.

This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
Go back to part 4:  Making a Quilted Ring Bearer Pillow

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