How the selvage and the creative 3.0 save time in finishing a cushion cover

Let’s keep quilting! In yesterday’s post I started to make a cushion cover that is perfect for last minute gift-giving. The Decking the Halls Cushion Cover is so pretty it brightens up the season. In today’s post I’ll walk you through finishing it – all with the reliable and precise help of the PFAFF creative 3.0.

We left off completing the cushion cover front, appliqueing the wreath and holly leaves in place.

Decking the Halls Cushion Cover front.

Back panels

Two back panels are required to finish the cushion cover. The top panel should measure 16″ x 13″. I used a piece of fabric with the selvage still on so I won’t add a hemmed edge to this piece, one less thing!

For the bottom panel, use a piece of fabric 16″ x 9″. I created the bottom panel using leftover pieces from the greens and background fabrics. Add a hemmed edge along one of the long edges of the bottom panel.

Assembling the cushion cover

Place the cushion front right side up on the cutting mat.

Place the top back panel right side down with the long raw edge lined up with the top edge of the cushion front.

Pin the top corners of the panel to the cushion front.

Place the bottom back panel right side down with the long raw edge lined up with the bottom edge of the cushion front and the hemmed edge overlapping the top back panel.

Pin the bottom corners to the cushion front and along the sides where all three layers overlap.

Pinning top back panel and bottom back panel.

Switch to the 0A presser foot. Engage the IDT system which will help feed the layers evenly under the needle.
Sew ¼” all the way around the cushion cover.

I decided to make a finished edge on the inside of the cushion by using a utility stitch called stretch knit overlock (1.2.8) around the stitched edge. I selected the stitch and changed to presser foot 3 as displayed on the Color Touch Screen. I pressed the Start/Stop button to let the machine do all the work of keeping the speed consistent. With the Needle Down button also selected, I was able to let the machine stitch all the way to the end of each side of the cushion then simply select the Presser Foot lift up button to turn the corners and keep stitching.

All of these buttons are conveniently located next to the left of the Color Touch Screen right at eye level when you’re sewing with the creative 3.0. Sew useful!

Close up of buttons on creative 3.0.

Presser foot 3

Stitch 1.2.8

Turn the cushion cover right side out through the opening in the back. Push the corners out with your finger.

Insert a cushion and enjoy!

Front of the Decking the Halls Cushion Cover

Back of the Decking the Halls Cushion Cover

The PFAFF creative 3.0 lets you be creative right to the last minute! I’ve enjoyed making this cushion cover and have another quick treat to make just in time for a jolly visitor – just wait for my next post!

This is part 2 of 5 in this series.
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