PFAFF makes fun work of decorating cookies

Let the fun begin! In yesterday’s post I made a hexagon shaped tabletopper to create a plate of cookies for Santa. Today I start to decorate, not with icing, but with the built-in stitches on PFAFF creative 3.0.

PFAFF creative 3.0

I added a layer of batting and then a layer of cut away stabilizer before I started to decorate my cookies.

I used three different thread colors to decorate my cookies. I used the same color on more than one cookie so they would match, but you could use all the colors you want!

I started with the blanket stitch around the large mitten; this shape has more straight edges and is a good way to start. I used the stitch 2.1.9 and some turquoise thread as both top thread and bobbin thread.

I really like how the red center guide-mark on the presser foot helps me keep the edge of the applique piece lined up with the stitches as I went around the shape.

Using presser foot guide-marks to line up stitches.

My son helped me make some key design choices – like using the same diamond shape on the blue and the pink gingerbread cookies, but placing it in different spots.

For the diamond bow ties I used stitch 4.1.15 and changed its stitch length to 14 so it would only repeat twice in the space on the cookie.

The blue buttons are made using stitch 4.1.24 and the pink buttons are made using stitch 3.3.12.

The eyes! I found stitch 1.4.1 – decorative eyelet – perfect! I made all the eyes with yellow thread and then moved onto the tree. While looking for the perfect ‘garland stitch’ I found stitch 3.3.1 that I used on the blue gingerbread.

Blue and pink decorated gingerbread cookies.

I created the tree garland using stitch 4.1.12 in yellow thread and then used the blanket stitch around the edge.

I continued with the yellow thread and blanket stitch around the yellow star. Then I went back and used brown thread and the regular straight stitch to go around the outside edge of the gingerbread cookies.

Tabletopper of treats

It was fun to see my design idea come to life using the PFAFF creative 3.0. I had no idea when I started where the design would take me and the built-in decorative stitches were definitely the icing on the tabletopper!

This is part 4 of 5 in this series.
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