How these 3 quilting rulers create an Impressionistic art quilt

Welcome back to my post for this week. All week I’ve been working on an art quilt with the help of the following rulers: KOMFORT KUT Slash-N-Circle Quilting Ruler – 9” x 12½”, Sew Easy Triangle Ruler 60°  8″ x 9¼” and the Sew Easy Half Diamond Ruler – 4½” x 14¼”. It’s a very abstract, Impressionistic style quilt, and yesterday, I made the last portion of it, the sunset.

The KOMFORT KUT Slash-N-Circle Quilting Ruler, Sew Easy Triangle Ruler 60° and the Sew Easy Half Diamond Ruler

I laid out every piece in the order that they’ll be sewn together, and it’s turning into something that even the great Masters would envy…do you not see the paint strokes?

The 4 seperate sections are ready to be pieced together.

Before sewing there are a couple of things to consider.

Looking at the different sections it’s obvious that the green section is the narrowest, so that will be the width of the entire quilt. Due to the style and piecing of the tan and blue sections they can easily be reduced to match the width of the green section. I’ll keep the orange section for last.

I’ll start by sewing the green section to the tan section. Having added some green triangles into the tan strips, makes for a more natural blending of the sections, and makes the quilt look more complex, but you remember how easy this was.

Joining the first 2 sections.

Now to piece the blue sea to the beach, in other words the blue section to the tan section.

After some reflection, I decided I wanted a curved line to join the two therefore creating again a more natural transition from one section to the next. The reason for this is when you look at the shore and water it’s never a straight line.

On Wednesday, we used the KOMFORT KUT Slash-N-Circle Quilting Ruler – 9” x 12½” to give a wave effect to the ‘sea’. Remember to use the KOMFORT KUT Rotary Cutter – 18mm.

KOMFORT KUT Slash-N-Circle Quilting Ruler works best with the KOMFORT KUT Rotary Cutter – 18mm.

When placing the blue section over the tan section remember to overlap by approximately “. Also on Wednesday, I mentioned that if there was a bow in the section not to worry until later. If you look at the bottom of my blue section there is a small bow. I’ll incorporate the bow as I cut the wave to give the piece more character.

Place the KOMFORT KUT Slash-N-Circle quilting ruler over both layers of fabric.

Once the cut is completed, sew the two parts together.

Blue sea section sewn to first two sections using curved piecing

So far I’m liking what I see, I hope you are too. I have one last section to add to complete the masterpiece.

Looking at a sun setting over the water the horizon line is pretty straight not taking into consideration the curvature of the earth (sorry I couldn’t resist), for this reason, I’ll square off the top of the blue section and sew it to the top section. Before I do that I must find the center of both and mark the center spot. The reason for this is I know that my sunset section is a bit wider than the bottom portion. Ensuring the top part is centered will keep things balanced.

The completed sunset beach quilt top

When I started this week’s posts I had an idea and that in principle, it should have worked. I must say that all in all I’m very happy with the results and how all the pieces came together. I’m not sure what Monet would think about this, but I think it comes close enough to an Impressionistic style.

Taking it further, you may wish to add applique shapes such as birds, trees, sailboats, beach umbrellas, or silhouettes, to this vibrant backdrop. You should consider doing it with the help of a product such as HeatnBond Lite Iron-On Adhesive Sheets – 17″ x 1yd pkg .

I’ll not go in detail on how to use it as I wrote a blog on this product this past winter. Please read how to use HeatnBond Lite in my post.

HeatnBond Lite Iron-On Adhesive Sheets

To make a quilt as we did this week is a great way to come out of our comfort zone, I know I came out of mine as it’s not the typical quilts I make.

Should you not have the products that I showed you this week please ask your local quilt shop, I’m sure they’d be happy to order it for you if they don’t have it in stock.

Come back next week for more quilting fun.

Impressionistic art quilt

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