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How to sew a quilt panel to enhance its image | Gütermann cotton threads

How to sew a quilt panel to enhance its image | Gütermann cotton threads

by Jean Boyd

Yesterday, I showed you how to stitch all the appliqué shapes for the Spring wall quilt using several of the threads from the Gütermann Nostalgia Box of 50wt Cotton Thread. Today, you can see another project I made, using a printed quilt panel to showcase the threads.

For my little quilt, I used this quilt panel that had a simple design and lots of color. I cut the quilt panel in half so I ended up with a piece that will be about 18″ x 24″ when finished.

Printed cotton quilt panel in rainbow colors

Printed quilt panel

To prepare for quilting, I sprayed the fabric with Best Mary Ellen’s Best Press using the Spray and Misting bottle and then pressed it with my Oliso iron. This gets rid of any wrinkles in the fabric and also gives a little extra body to the fabric.

Now I get to choose which of the 48 colors in my Gütermann Nostalgia Box that I want to use.

Gütermann thread box with 48 spools of cotton thread, yellow Oliso iron, Mary Ellen’s Best Press liquid with spray and misting bottle sitting on a printed, multi–colored cotton quilt panel

Supplies for the quilt panel project

These are the threads I decided to use for my project.

7 spools of thread from the Gütermann Nostalgia Box of 48 threads in 50wt Cotton Thread placed on a printed cotton quilt panel

Gütermann thread colors for my quilt panel project

After the backing, batting, and quilt panel were layered and basted, I stitched along the design lines on the quilt panel first, and then added some extra stitching in the open areas. What a treat to have so many different thread colors readily available! I used a neutral-colored thread in the bobbin. Because I was doing only straight stitching, I used the straight stitch throat plate on my machine. This really is a great help in achieving straight and even stitches.

Stitching on the quilt panel, following the design lines on the printed fabric

Stitching on the quilt panel

And here’s my finished quilt!

The finished quilt

Finished quilt made from a multi–colored printed quilt panel

Ideas for quilted projects come easily with such an array of dreamy colors. Join me tomorrow for a sneak peek on possible future projects using Gütermann Nostalgia Boxes of thread!

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