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Mulling over quilting possibilities for quilt panels and printed fabrics

by Jean Boyd

As I finished quilting the multi-colored quilt panel yesterday, I was curious about how the Gütermann thread boxes would match my next quilt panel projects. I have several quilt panels but here are two that inspire me now.

For this printed quilt panel there are several ways I could quilt it but the one that jumps to mind is using vertical lines thinly spaced apart. The other way is to thread paint key elements in the image. Quilting the eyes, the lips, the bobbles, and her hair! There are plenty of colors in the Gütermann Nostalgia Box to suit every detail.

A printed quilting panel with blue background and image of a girl, Gütermann Nostalgia Box with 48 different spools of cotton thread, Mary Ellen’s Best Press and spray and misting bottle, and a yellow Oliso iron

My next project!

A large print fabric or fabric with an all-over design would also work well for the technique I showed you in yesterday’s post, where I followed the ‘lines’ and let the quilting flow with the design.

Blue fabric with an all-over design, 6 spools of Gütermann cotton thread and Gütermann Nostalgia box of 48 cotton threads

Fabric with an all-over design

Be sure to look in your stash, and you’ll probably find something that’s perfect for using threads from one of the Gütermann thread boxes. They come in a variety of thread weights in both cotton and sew-all polyester. Itʼs so convenient to have all those colors from which to choose!

Thanks for joining us this week. Have fun using your favourite Gütermann Nostalgia Boxes of thread!

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