Introducing Gütermann thread boxes – Great for multi-colored projects

I recently received this Gütermann Nostalgia Box of 50wt Cotton Thread. There are 48 different spools, each with 100m of cotton thread in the attractive storage tin. These natural fiber threads are perfect for piecing as well as for decorative seams and embellishments. This is just one of a series of Gütermann thread boxes. They come in a variety of thread weights in both cotton and Sew-all polyester. This is the perfect way to make multi-colored projects and never run out of thread!

Gütermann Nostalgia Box of 50wt Cotton Thread

Here are other Gütermann thread boxes. Be sure to check them out.

Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box Denim Thread 100m 12 Shades

The cool storage tin is filled with 12 spools (100m each) of professional jeans thread, 5 jeans sewing machine needles sizes 100 and 110 from SCHMETZ and 3 faux leather labels from Dortex. This popular sewing thread is all set for creative denim styles.

Gütermann Denim Love Nostalgia Box

Gütermann Nostalgia Box 50wt Cotton Thread 100m 30 Shades 

This collection also comes in an attractive storage tin that’s filled with 30 spools of assorted colours. The thread, made of 100% mercerized premium cotton, has an elegant gloss and high strength.

Gütermann Nostalgia Box with 30 spools of thread

Gütermann 1895 Nostalgia Box Sew-all Thread 100m 48 Shades and Gütermann 1930 Nostalgia Box Sew-all Thread 100m 30 Shades

The 1895 Gütermann 1895 Nostalgia Box contains 48 spools of Sew-all polyester thread in a variety of colors and the Gütermann 1930 Nostalgia Box contains 30 spools of Sew-all polyester thread. These thread operates well in high-performance machines due to its tensile strength and elasticity and can handle the demands of any stitch type. Not only is it great for regular sewing, but due to its beautiful finish, these threads can be put to good use for ornamental and decorative seams, and even thread painting.

Gütermann 1895 Nostalgia Box of Sew-all Thread

Gütermann 1930 Nostalgia Box Sew-all Thread 100m 30 Shades

Gütermann 1930 Nostalgia Box Sew-all Thread

This week, I’m using the Gütermann Nostalgia Box of 50wt Cotton Thread to make this small wall quilt or table topper just in time for spring, as well as using a fabric panel to showcase the threads.

Spring wall quilt

I hope you join me again tomorrow when I show you what supplies are needed and how to start preparing the letters and flowers for the spring wall quilt.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

Go to part 2: A quilted spring wall quilt in the making: preparing applique shapes

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Ellen Robinson February 15, 2023 - 11:11 am
These boxes of threads are scrumptious. Better than a box of chocolates. :-D
Jean Boyd February 22, 2023 - 11:26 am
I agree!
Susan Havekost February 13, 2023 - 6:44 pm
It seems to me that the color of the spool itself must mean something, but I can't find anything that gives and explanation or shows a chart, e.g., cotton thread 50 wt on light orange, 100% cotton quilting on a dark beige spool, etc. Maybe the size of the spool has something to do with the color?
Jean Boyd February 14, 2023 - 10:37 am
Hi Susan. The spools are all the same size, but the color number is on the label at the top of each spool.
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