Introducing the new baby in my quilt life: Oliso mini project Iron

I shared a few things this week introducing the new love in my quilt life, the Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron on Monday, and I showed you how to make a shaggy tuffet using Fabric Creations Mink Faux Fur and FAIRFIELD Foamology Soft Support Foam Tuffet Kit.

But I didn’t tell you that it also came with a cute baby! Let me tell you how the Oliso M2Pro Mini Project Iron is my new favorite! Once you’ve read this blog post, and you’re ready to head off to a class or retreat, you’ll simply have to get one too.

Introducing my new baby: Oliso M2Pro Mini Project Iron.

I was skeptical at first but have to admit that after a few days in my quilting studio, this iron actually became my go-to iron. It’s compact and lightweight, which is perfect to fit right next to my sewing machine. At 1,000 watts it heats up fast, and its diamond coated ceramic soleplate makes it glide effortlessly.

TheM2Pro Mini Project Iron is compact and lightweight compared to the Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron

There are other great features that make this iron a great traveling companion… whenever we’re able to do that again, right? The universal voltage easily switches between 120 volts and 240 volts. And you won’t need to bring an extension cord, as it has an 8′ long cord with a 180° pivot for a full range of motion.

Oliso M2Pro Mini Project Iron comes with its very own solemate

Now the iron doesn’t go up and down like the Oliso Pro Smart Iron. So Oliso has come up with a great solution: a silicone solemate that you can use to rest the iron on when not in use. And when you’re done for the day, it can be attached to the iron to prevent burns while the iron cools off. For easy storage, you can also hang the solemate on a hook, as it has a little loop at the top.

Use the loop at the top of the solemate for easy hanging storage

Another great surprise on the mini iron is the water tank, so you can use steam to press your blocks. Pressing on the two lateral buttons gives a quick steam burst should you need extra help on your seams, or when fusing appliques.

I love that the new Oliso M2Pro Mini Project Iron comes in two delicious colors: yellow and pink. I decided to go with the soft pink, and I love it!

Now that I’ve shown you all the great features, the only thing left for you to decide is, which color will you get?

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Christi October 19, 2020 - 2:15 am
This iron may be great but the cost is ridiculous. Very few people have that kind of money right now.
Claire Haillot October 19, 2020 - 5:20 pm
HI Christi, Thanks for your comment. Like I said! It's a great iron for when life gets back to normal and we can head off to retreats once more! Take care!
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