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Introducing the NEW Brother NQ900 sewing machine


Who doesn’t enjoy trying out a new sewing machine? I was thrilled to learn that I was going to be trying out the new Brother NQ900 sewing machine, one of the Q-series line up. It was just like an early Christmas gift when the big box arrived at my front door. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I had the box unpacked!


Brother NQ900 sewing machine waiting to be unpacked
Brother NQ900 sewing machine


Brother NQ900 sewing machine with wide table attached
Brother NQ900 sewing machine

This machine comes with many accessories including a walking foot (a real added bonus!), an extra-wide table and a knee-lift attachment that’s conveniently stored in the bottom of the wide table.


Extra wide table for the Brother NQ900 machine
Extra wide table for the Brother NQ900 machine


The flat bed attachment contains the accessory tray for extra feet, bobbins, seam ripper etc. You remove this to use the free-arm feature and to attach the extra-wide table.


The flat bed attachment with included accessories - bobbins, extra feet etc
The flat bed attachment with included accessories


There are 2 manuals – the Operation Manual with instructions for using all the features of the machine and a Quick Reference Guide which shows you the basics so you can get started sewing right away.

It was very easy to thread both the bobbin and the machine using the clear diagrams in the Quick Reference Guide as well as the diagrams that are right on the machine. The automatic needle threader works like a charm!

Of course I wanted to start using all the fancy stitches and unique features immediately, but I did force myself to go a step at a time and do the basic functions first.


Operation manual and quick reference guide for the Brother NQ900
Operation manual and quick reference guide for the Brother NQ900


Here’s a great video you can watch to see how to set up the machine.

How To Set Up Your Sewing Machine, Brother Q Series – YouTube

Setting up your Brother NQ900 sewing machine is easy to do. I’ll walk you through how from start to finish including how to thread your sewing machine and ho…



For me, the most important thing when using a new machine is finding the perfect ¼” seam. To test my ¼” seam on the NQ900, I moved the needle position to the center and attached the ¼” foot. I used the guide on the side of the foot for my ¼” seam.

If you position your fabric at the edge of the foot, you’ll get a ⅛” seam.


¼" foot for the Brother NQ900
¼” foot for the Brother NQ900


My favorite method of testing the seam allowance is to cut 3 – 1½” x 4″ strips of fabric. Then I sew them together and measure across the center. The measurement should be 3½”. If the measurement is more than 3½”, the seam allowance is too narrow. If the measurement is less than 3½”, the seam allowance is too wide. You may need to make adjustments either with the needle placement or the position of the fabric when sewing to achieve your perfect ¼” seam.

It’s well worth taking some extra time to find the perfect ¼” seam for your machine, because you’ll be able to use it for all of your quilting projects.


Sew 3 - 1½" strips together to find your perfect ¼" seam
Sew 3 – 1½” strips together



Measure across the center of the sewn strips. It should be 3½". If it isn't, you need to adjust the seam allowance.
Measure across the center of the sewn strips. It should be 3½”.


Now I’m ready to start my project and have fun with the NQ900. So many interesting stitches and techniques to try!

I decided to make a Fidget Quilt because it would give me the opportunity to try many of the features of this machine. These little quilts are made for those who have Alzheimer’s or dementia and they’re also used by children with developmental challenges. As Alzheimer’s victims progress through the later stages of this terrible disease, one of the last senses they have, and that they can really respond to, is touch. Their hands are restless and anxious, frequently tugging at their blankets or themselves. These quilts, with multiple textures, as well as objects to pull, zippers to zip, and other odds and ends to “fidget” with, help to soothe them and keep their hands occupied. The quilts aren’t very big – not more than 30″ square – so they’re just large enough to fit on someone’s lap.


My finished Fidget quilt made with the Brother NQ900, incorporating embroidery stitches, buttonholes,a zipper and machine quilting
My finished Fidget quilt made with the Brother NQ900


There are several sites on-line with more information about Fidget Quilts. If you’re interested, you might like to check out these links:

Alzheimer Society of Wellington Waterloo ON

Alzheimer’s Activity Aids Blog

Michele Bilyeu’s blog

Come back tomorrow to see how I started making my Fidget Quilt on the new Brother NQ900 machine!


This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

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Jean has been designing and publishing patterns since 1997. For the past several years she has been designing patterns for new fabric collections by Northcott Fabrics. Her work has been published in several magazines in both Canada and the United States. Jean holds a Fiber Arts Certificate in quilting and has taught extensively throughout Canada, including six national Quilt Canada conferences. She was named "Canadian Teacher of the Year" in 2003 by the Canadian Quilters Association and has won numerous awards for her quilts.


  1. Peggy MacMichael

    I’ve had this model now for almost a year and I love it. I have one problem I need to be addressed and that’s the walking foot. Not sure it fits the machine the proper way but have an awesome dealer so will talk to her. You won’t be disappointed

  2. Dana Matthews

    I’d love to have one of these! I love the Brother brand. I have an older model. Love your quilt above with all the reds in it! Beautiful!

    • Thanks Dana. Glad you liked the quilt!

  3. shirley

    I need a new machine and I think this one could be it.

  4. Elizabeth Brooks

    Awesome! Im needing a new sewing machine

  5. Robin

    Love this! I’m going to buy a Brother sewing machine this year.

    • Hi Robin
      I had never used a Brother sewing machine before, but I really loved this NQ900 model. So easy to use and lots of added features.

  6. Jo B

    I need a new sewing machine and I think I will purchase a brothers. I very much like their products.

  7. Ashley S

    I love my Brother printer, so I would love to try their sewing machine. Will have to check it out!

  8. Kd

    Brother sure makes some great products!

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