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The only time it’s good to trap your thread!


As we talked about the 4 hints it’s time to throw your sewing threads out, here’s my favorite thing about Coats thread – the trap spool! The only time it’s good to trap your thread!!


2 Coats Dual Duty XP spools of thread o fabric
Coats Dual Duty XP thread spool come with a trap to keep the thread from raveling.


On the end of each spool, you’ll find a little slotted ‘trap’ to lock the end of your thread in before you store the spool or you can lift up the trap, wind the thread inside and snap it closed to secure the thread. You know that exasperating, knotted, wild mess that you call your thread box? Gone!

Sewing bliss at its best! Happy Sewing!


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Annette Millard is passionate about sewing and has worked in the sewing industry for many, many years and is always happiest with needle, fabric and thread in her hands. She currently enjoys supporting the Coats & Clark community writing blog posts about products and projects for the Coats Sewing Secrets Blog.


  1. Anne Goff

    Great info!

  2. julie bolduc

    this is very interesting love how this spool is made.

  3. SS

    Thanks for the post. Awesome!!

  4. Sandra S

    What a great idea, Thanks for sharing

  5. Susan

    Such a great idea, as the thread ends flying around is always such a nuisance!

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    What a marvellous feature, I’ve never seen that before. I’m always just glad when there’s a notch to catch the end of the thread.

  7. SarahJ

    I always like it when I buy these ones! Saves me so much time.

  8. Rhonda

    All spools should be made this way! Awesome! (and beautiful quits!)

  9. Trish F

    Love this feature in their spools, I wish they all came like this. Maybe in the future. Thanks!

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