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Banish the winter blahs with the Spa Slippers project


Dreary weather makes January my favorite month to stay inside and sew. Coats wisely declared January as Spa Month and you’ll love the Spa Slipper Project we have to share with you below!


Lady sitting on a bathtub ledge wearing spa slippers and a bath towel
Take time to pamper yourself.


Join me this week as I review qualities and benefits of Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP thread, along with a little of its history and helpful tips.


feet with slippers on them made with Dual Duty XP threads
Comfy spa slippers beat the January blahs


This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

Go to part 2: The origins of Coats & Clark thread


Annette Millard is passionate about sewing and has worked in the sewing industry for many, many years and is always happiest with needle, fabric and thread in her hands. She currently enjoys supporting the Coats & Clark community writing blog posts about products and projects for the Coats Sewing Secrets Blog.

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