It’s like quilting, but with an Allen key

The table comes as a flat pack shipment. There’s assembly required. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

The Studio Collection Home Hobby and Design Table from HA Kidd comes in a flat pack. This means you’ll have to put it together, which shouldn’t scare people who make quilts. We’re used to putting pieces together to make something clever, useful and wonderful! It’s like quilting, but with an Allen key!

Our awesome table is well-packaged and substantial. You’re going to need some muscle to move it to where you’re putting it together. Carefully unpack all the pieces.

The table comes with the two tools you’ll need to assemble it. You’ll also need a Phillips head screwdriver.

The instructions are packaged with the hardware. Go over the instructions a couple of times before you get started.

Unlike instructions from a certain home goods store, the Studio Collection Home Hobby and Design Table from H.A. Kidd instructions come with pictures of the actual parts, and a helpful 1-800 number, if you get stuck.

But, honestly, it’s pretty easy. It comes with almost all the tools you need. You will need a Phillips head screw driver, but mostly, this baby goes together with a little wrench and an Allen key. I know. Amazing!

I found it helpful to put the large table surface pieces on a bed, but a carpeted floor will also work.

The first thing you’ll do is attach the casters with the wrench provided. Throughout the construction process, be careful not to over tighten any of the screws or bolts. This will help ensure all the pieces go together easily — and make it easier to correct any mistakes you may make along the way.

Follow the instructions carefully, and don’t skip ahead. Pay careful attention to instructions on the table leg assembly. If you mess this part up, the legs won’t be able to fold in.

Pay careful attention to the way the legs are assembled. Improperly done, the table won’t fold away.

Once the leg assembly is done, you’ll move on to the table top construction. Again, it’s very straight forward, but, do not over tighten anything. I found it much easier to attach the leg assembly to the top upside down — that is — bringing the legs to the table top, as opposed to bringing the tabletop to the legs.

I needed some help to lift the table to right side up and onto the floor.

Once you’ve checked that the legs will fold away properly, go over all the bolts and tighten them. If you don’t do this, you’ll think the table is not stable. It really needs a final adjustment before you roll it into its forever home.

The table replaced an ineffective bookshelf in the sewing room, and it fit perfectly in the space. When it’s not fully extended, the table can look a bit plain. Not to worry, I have a solution!

Come back tomorrow. We’re going to make a table runner to make this design table pretty as well as practical.

Was I right? It’s like quilting, but with an Allen key!

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Sheryl Hunt February 15, 2015 - 12:39 pm
I am enjoying the blogs and looking forward to browing thru the new magazine issue.
Laura Lightner February 15, 2015 - 9:45 am
I have this table and it is awesome. You can leave a leaf down for a smaller table then put up the other leaf for a larger table. You can even layer your baby quilts, lap quilts, table runners etc. For pinning or your favorite method to get your project ready to quilt. No back aches as well. All in all a great all purpose table.
Teresa February 15, 2015 - 9:33 am
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