It’s so easy: decorative quilting on the Luminaire XP2

Yesterday, I showed you how I used the Brother Luminaire 2 Innov-ìs XP2 to add decorative stitching around an embroidery design for a quilt I’m making. I decided, in addition to the embroidered Winnie the Pooh blocks, I’d also add the child’s name to the quilt, using one large letter per block.

Of course, with so many QuiltBroidery features, the Brother Luminaire 2 Innov-ìs XP2 didn’t let me down.

The Brother Luminaire 2 Innov-ìs XP2

  1. Using the Brother Magnetic Sash Frame, I hooped a quilt sandwich.

Brother Magnetic Sash Frame

2. On the touchscreen, select Embroidery, Category 3 (large alpha) and Font #3. Select A (for Amy), and touch Set.

3. Touch Edit and touch the Flower icon.

I want to add QuiltBroidery on the outside and the inside of the letter, so I select Inside On.

Adding QuiltBroidery stitches around the design

4. Touch Memory. This saves the design and allows access to the design from My Design Center. Touch OK.

5. Touch Home to exit from the Embroidery screen.

6. From the Home screen, select My Design Center.

7. Recall the letter A saved in Step 4 by touching the Circle/Square icon, the Flower icon, then the A image, and OK.

8. I selected a 5″ x 7″ hoop, since that’s the size I’m making my quilt blocks.

9. Touch the Decorative Fill icon and select the decorative fill you want to stitch around the outside of the letter and in the hole in the inside of the letter.

10. I selected design 038.

Selecting a decorative fill stitch for QuiltBroidery

11. Touch the Paint Bucket, then the area outside the letter and the hole inside the letter. Watch the decorative fill flood both areas of your design.

12. Touch the design fill again to select the decorative fill you want stitched inside the letter itself. This time I selected design 010. Touch OK.

13. Touch the letter area. Touch Next, then Set.

14. You’re now ready to QuiltBroider the first letter block.

QuiltBroidered quilt block

TIP When adding decorative fill, select a color that will show up well on your screen. You can use whatever color thread you wish during stitch-out.

Join me tomorrow to see how to use the Brother Luminaire 2 Innov-ìs XP2 Color Shuffle feature to audition different colors before stitching out a design.

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