Making the most of your fabric scraps for cool quilted projects!

Yesterday, I showed you how to get started making a sewing/needle case while using up some scraps that had already been backed with HeatnBond fusible web.

Front of needle case stitched with Sulky variegated threads

Now, let’s put everything together.

Using a fabric marking tool, draw lines in one corner ¾” from the outside edges of the 8½” x 12½” lining rectangle.

Place the raw edge of the pocket piece 1½” up from the drawn line at the bottom and ½” from the drawn line on the side, as shown in the picture below:

Stitch across raw edges of pocket

Stitch across the raw edge of the pocket with a ½” seam to join the pocket to the inside rectangle.

You can make another pocket in the same way for the other side of the needle case if you wish.

Flip the pocket up and top-stitch along both long edges.

Top-stitch pocket in place

Center the 5″ x 8″ felt on the inside of the needle case.

Stitch down the center through all layers to join everything together.

Stitch wool in place for needle holder

Center the front of the needle case and the inside piece with pocket and felt, wrong sides together. Press. You can pin or baste the layers together if you wish. You will have ¾” of inside fabric all around the outside edges.

Making a double fold; bring the excess fabric to the front to make a binding.

Stitch the binding in place by hand or machine.

Another finished needle case!

And there you have it! Another quick and easy project that uses up some of those scraps in your stash. These little sewing/needle cases are great for storing scissors, marking pens and other small accessories as well as your favorite pins and needles. They’re also great for those last-minute gifts we always seem to need!

Inside of needle case with pockets for accessories

I also had this collection of fusible crumbs from a previous project.

Leftover fusible pieces from another project

I used them to make this little pillow:

Pillow with fusible scraps in the center

As quilters, we never want to throw any little piece of fabric away. I hope the projects this week have inspired you to create something new with your scraps and crumbs!

I’ll be back in 2021 with more designs and products for you to enjoy. Until then – happy stitching!

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