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Northcott’s Naturescapes fabric makes Pebble Play of a quilted wall hanging


This fun 24” x 48” quilt can be used as a wall hanging, bed runner or table runner. The beautiful landscape fabrics from Northcott’s Naturescapes collection make it ideal in any home, camp or cottage. Using a simple drunkard’s path pattern, the fabrics will transform it into a beautiful quilt.


Finished quilt with drunkard path blocks on wall using Naturescapes by Northcott Fabric
Pebble Play quilt using Naturescapes by Northcott Fabric



¾ yd 21390-62 (blue)

¾ yd 21394-93 (pebbles)

½  yd 21387-38 (dark brown)

½ yd 21386-12 (cream)

½ yd 21386-34 (light brown)

½ yd 21387-99 (black)

1 yd backing

1 yd batting


Northcott's stunning Naturescapes fabric collection folded laying on a table
Northcott’s stunning Naturescapes collection



The Pebble Play quilted wall hanging consists of making drunkard path blocks that are 6” finished. In order to do this, download the Pebble Play template here.


Use the quarter circle template to cut the following fabrics.

4 cream

16 pebbled

4 light brown

4 dark brown

4 black

Now cut the outer piece or L shape from the following fabrics.

16 blue

4 cream

4 light brown

4 dark brown

4 black


Naturescapes collection by Northcott Fabric pieces cut out from drunkard's path block template on table.
Two sections of drunkard’s path block using Naturescapes collection by Northcott


Let’s put the 2 pieces of the block together that are needed to make the quilt, so we have it ready when it comes time to sew the block together. Let’s call the larger piece the ‘L shape’ and the smaller piece the ‘quarter circle’.

You’ll need the following

4 blue L shape with 4 cream quarter circles

4 blue L shape with 4 light brown quarter circles

4 blue L shape with 4 dark brown quarter circles

4 blue L shape with 4 dark brown quarter circles

4 blue L shape with 4 black quarter circles

4 cream L shape with 4 pebble quarter circles

4 light brown L shape with 4 pebble quarter circles

4 dark brown L shape with 4 pebble quarter circles

4 black L shape with 4 pebble quarter circles


The two pieces of blocks cut from different fabric ready to be sewn into blocks all arranged on a table.
Pair up the two pieces of the blocks from Northcott’s Naturescapes collection to be ready for sewing.


Be sure to come back tomorrow as we sew them up using a really fast method!


This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

Go to part 2: Use this 1 simple trick for perfect curved piecing every time

I am a quilter who loves quilting outside the box especially when it comes to 3D and embellishments. My work has been published in books and magazines and I currently sit on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Quilters’ Association. When I am not in my studio, I am working as a Social Media Manager.


  1. Joanne Smith, Higgins Smith on FB

    I love the fabrics and the pattern. You can never have too many landscape fabrics!

  2. Karen Harrison

    Love the naturescape fabric bundle! Gorgeous.

  3. Kayla Klontz

    I love this, it’s a beautiful pattern!

  4. Melissa

    Love the fabric line. So “natural” and gorgeous. My entire house is done in “earthy” decor, so this is perfect.

  5. Gordeen Sherwood

    Great pattern

  6. Joyce Adams

    The instructions make this process less scarey

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