Painting on fabric is fun with Mont Marte paint sticks [free pattern]

This week we recovered a lampshade with Mont Marte Signature Fabric Paints and customized a fun beach tote with the Mont Marte Signature Fabric Art Set. Today, I’m showing you how to ‘bake someone happy’ with the Mont Marte Fabric Paint Sticks. To make things easy, we’ll also be using Gütermann Thread and an adult-sized Fabric Fun Apron for Embellishment. There’s a free pattern download, so you don’t even have to sketch out a drawing for this one.

Bake someone Happy design on an apron


  • sketchbook and sketching pencil
  • If you don’t want to draw, download the free Bake Someone Happy design
  • blue wash out marker
  • light box or light source
  • paint sticks or markers
  • polyester (bobbin) and 100% cotton thread (top threading)
  • Fabric Fun Apron for Embellishment or a premade apron of your choice (light colored so tracing is easy)
  • masking tape

Supplies to make the embellished apron


  1. Draw out a design of your choice or download the free PDF drawing for the Bake someone Happy

My ‘Bake someone Happy’ design

2. Place the drawing on a light source or light box, and use masking tape to keep it in place.

Design taped on a lightbox

3. Using a ruler, place the lightbox and design under the apron against the wrong side 3½” from the top and center.

The design is centred and 3½” down from the top

4. Draw the design onto the apron with a blue washout marker.

Design drawn on apron with a blue wash out marker

5. Color within the design lines with the fabric paint sticks.

Coloring in the design with paint sticks

More progress on the coloring

6. Once the design is all colored in, free motion stitch around the design as we did in Wednesday’s post for Free motion stitching on a DIY lampshade cover – Part 3, to complete it. The word ‘someone’ is completely free motion stitched. Where there is a black line, stitch it out and fill in the blank areas with the colors of your choice.

This apron will come in handy when Robin bakes someone happy

A review of this week’s projects

We finished all of our projects for this week – the DIY Lampshade Recover

The project, the cute Beach Tote and now a Bake someone Happy apron with Mont Marte Signature Fabric Paint, Art Set and Paint Sticks. Don’t forget to look for these products shortly at your local art supply or quilt shop. You can create fabric to make DIY fashion and homewares with Mont Marte. Have a great weekend; maybe you’ll have time to bake someone happy!

This is part 5 of 5 in this series

Go back to part 4: Design, color, and stitch a beach tote with Mont Marte [free tutorial]

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