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Performance icon: built-in tutorials keep you learning and safe at home!

by Sarah Vanderburgh

This year has been unlike any other for most quilters. With large quilt shows canceled, quilters have had to access online tutorials or find new ways to learn quilting techniques. In yesterday’s post, I used scraps I had on hand to create a new pincushion for myself. In today’s post, I’ll take using what you have on hand one step further, suggesting you take yourself to class – without leaving home!

What am I talking about? Well, the PFAFF performance icon is set up to guide you through successfully creating with several specific built-in features. I encourage you to schedule time with the machine to simply learn something new.

PFAFF performance icon showing the multi-couch screen

PFAFF performance icon

Help Center

The Help Center is available from the home screen as soon as you turn on the performance icon. Let’s take a quick tour through it and see what learning opportunities we can discover.

The table of contents reveals just how much learning there is built into the performance icon.

Help Center main menu

User’s Guide

The User’s Guide is so much more than just a manual; the ability to figure things out is literally just a finger touch away. The larger multi-touch screen makes it easy to read the information too. The User’s Guide is available as a PDF, as well.

The manual for the PFAFF performance icon is always just a touch away.

User’s Guide menu

The guide clearly leads you through important information about taking care of the machine and sewing successfully. It also includes sub-sections about the PFAFF exclusive feature, Stitch Creator.

Detailed submenu helps walk you through using the PFAFF exclusive Stitch Creator feature.

Stitch Creator submenu

Techniques and Tutorials

There are technique instructions included in the performance icon including garment and sewing techniques (yes, you could learn how to hem!) There are also some quilting techniques including free-motion quilting.

Different aspects of quilting are included in the built-in techniques on the PFAFF performance icon including free-motion quilting.

Quilting Techniques submenu

Not only are the instructions easy to read and follow – there are videos included too! You don’t even have to leave the performance icon’s screen to watch them. In the photo below you can see the video icon on the right; just touch the arrow and watch the video. Notice you can also adjust the size of the text font by pressing the A icons at the bottom of the popup screen.

There are videos included in the technique instructions you can watch right in the multi-touch screen on the PFAFF performance icon.

Video included in technique instructions

See what I mean? There’s a lot to learn just from turning on the PFAFF performance icon and exploring the Help Center. You can stay home and learn something new!

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