Playing with stitches on the PFAFF creative sensation pro

It’s time to put some of the stitches on the creative sensation pro to work. A fun job for all, that’s for sure, and perhaps a bit overwhelming.

Where to start?

Creative Stitch Play Time

Embellishing Applique

Splendid Sampler Hearts Aflutter block

I decided to see if I could once again use the machine to help me get caught up on my Splendid Sampler blocks. Okay, just one! I had been putting off-hand stitching around the heart on this applique block. I don’t know why because I do enjoy it, I just wanted something a little different.

Machine starts stitching in the middle of the heart

I started to search through the stitches and found the heart stitches. I checked to see where the stitch would start on the fabric and realized that on this stitch it would be in the middle. Cool – half a heart in the heart and half on the outside.

I picked out a bright colored thread to match (grin) and then noticed that the machine recommended the use of stabilizer with this stitch. Hmmmm. I figured that the cotton layer under the applique could *count* as stabilizer, so I started to stitch!

Machine stitching the decorative heart stitch

I think I like it!

If you look closely you’ll notice that this stitch doesn’t cover all of the exposed edge. I’m not overly concerned about that on this block because I’m planning for it to be in a wall hanging.

I do like the idea of simply using this stitch on a solid fabric to make a stitched heart block. Another time!

Built-in Quilt Design

Selected Built-in Quilt Design

I had an idea for a project to make with the machine but I wanted to try out a few things to see if my ideas would work together.

I really like some of the traditional built-in quilt designs on the creative sensation pro. Some are continuous – which means they will repeat – and could be used as the quilting on a quilt. The smaller designs could be used as block fillers.
I picked a smaller one out and noticed it would need stabilizer too. Since the two layers of cotton worked so well, I wanted to try a quilt sandwich – backing, batting, and the top fabric – and see how the design turned out.

Design stitched out

Had to go orange!

You can tell it was my first attempt because when my thread broke I didn’t go back and fix the design. Don’t worry, you can!

Four Directions Stitching

Four direction sewing stitches

The four directions stitching literally takes your stitch and will stitch it in each direction – across, down, back across and up – or any order you want.

Think quilt label.  I thought – what about binding?

Binding applied with four directions stitch.

Well that didn’t work exactly as I had pictured it (I forgot I would have to turn the fabric!) – but, you can keep going in one direction and use it for binding! It’s still an option to consider if you like one of the stitches only available in four directions stitching.

Decorative Stitches

Selected stitch at maximum size

Since I was still thinking about how to use the stitches to finish a quilt, I looked at the decorative stitches as a quilting option.

I had some fun here as I was able to use the stitch as selected in one area and then change the size of the stitch and use it in a different area.

Decorative Stitches used for quilting

I really like this idea – and this stitch! An easy way to extend the theme of your quilt into the quilting.

Word Play

Sewing and Embroidery Fonts

I did a little more experimenting – this time with the fonts.

I was trying to figure out how big the different fonts were when they stitched out. The measurements on the machine are in millimeters (mm). With a couple of practice runs and stitching out different fonts, I could then measure them with my inches ruler to get a better (imperial) understanding of the sizes.

Trying out various stitches on fabric with stabilizer

I used stabilizer on this piece as the machine recommended.

Then I also tried some of the stitches I saved from my first time on the machine to see what they looked like stitched. I definitely came away from this with more creative ideas!

PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro

Well, playtime is over!

Come back tomorrow to see how my playing with stitches on the creative sensation pro led to a project that I can’t believe I made. Really!

This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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Berry April 23, 2016 - 9:07 am
A machine chock-full of great stitches
Sarah Vanderburgh April 23, 2016 - 10:03 am
Definitely! The possibilities are endless with the creative sensation pro - remember you can adjust the built in stitches as well as create your own! And the machine stitches them out perfectly too :)
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