Polyester thread – durable beauty

We had a great time yesterday learning about Perfect Pairings for our SCHMETZ needles and Sulky and Gütermann cotton threads.

This time, let’s explore the possibilities for quilting with durable polyesterSulky and Gütermann thread and the SCHMETZ needles to stitch them with.

A selection of Sulky and Gütermann polyester threads

Polyester for piecing

Though we normally quilt with cotton fabric and cotton thread there are times when we might want the extra durability of cotton polyester or even polyester fabric with polyester thread.

Those using cotton/poly or polyester fabric for clothing still like to make quilts from the remaining scraps.

Others prefer to make quilted items such as mug rugs, aprons, table coverings or bed quilts from cotton/poly or polyester fabric.

Gütermann Sew-all thread is a strong lint free 2 ply polyester thread making it the perfect choice for piecing with these fabrics.

Gütermann Sew All Polyester

My favorite SCHMETZ needles for piecing with my Gütermann Sew-all thread and cotton/poly or polyester fabric are:

SCHMETZ Quilting 75/11

The tapered point penetrates fabric easily for quality stitching and easy matching of points.

SCHMETZ Quilting 90/14

As above for heavier fabrics.

SCHMETZ Chrome Quilting Needles 75/11 

My new go to needle.

As above with the extra advantage of a chrome coating.

Chrome will stay cool longer with less stitch distortion allowing the thread to pass through the needle eye with less friction and heat build up..

The SCHMETZ Chrome Quilting needle also allows the needle to pass through fabric with less resistance for beautiful smooth stitching.

SCHMETZ Chrome Quilting Needles 90/14

As above for heavier fabrics with added chrome coating.

SCHMETZ Chrome Quilting 75 11

When you SCHMETZ needle and Gütermann Sew-all thread work together the result is beautiful straight stitching.

Gütermann Sew-all Polyester thread stitched with a SCHMETZ 75/11 Chrome Quilters needle

Polyester threads love to machine quilt

Our polyester threads also love to machine quilt. They are strong, durable and colorfast.

Gütermann Sew-all thread will even do beautiful free-motion quilting.

My favorite SCHMETZ needles for machine quilting with Gütermann Sew-all threads are:

SCHMETZ Chrome Quilting Needles 75/11 and 90/14

As with piecing the SCHMETZ Chrome Quilting needle allows the needle to pass through your fabric with less resistance for beautiful smooth stitching.

SCHMETZ Chrome Jeans 80/12 and 90/14.

For heavier or densely woven fabrics that resist needle penetration.

Quilted with SCHMETZ Chrome Quilting Needle 75 /11 and 50 weight Gütermann Sew-all Polyester

Lightweight poly thread – a real superhero

Poly Deco from Sulky is a 40 weight polyester thread with a high sheen that won’t be diminished by frequent washing, fabric brighteners or even bleach.

The dye process for polyester thread allows for full deep color saturation, brilliant colors and even true neon colors that won’t fade.

Even though it’s very fine the strength of this thread makes it a wonderful choice for machine quilting and even thread painting.

Sulky Poly Deco thread

My favorite SCHMETZ needles for machine quilting with Sulky Poly Deco thread are:

SCHMETZ Chrome Microtex Sharp 70/10 and 80/12

The very slim shaft pierces multiple layers of fabric quickly.

This needle has a small eye for less thread bounce.

The chrome coating reduces heat build up and allows the thread to run more smoothly through the eye.

SCHMETZ Microtex Sharp 70/10 and 80/12

SCHMETZ Chrome Quilting Needles 75/11 and 90/14

Sulky Poly Deco 40 weight thread quilted with a SCHMETZ Microtex Sharp 70/10 needle

When thread painting we are usually stitching many layers of thread on top of one another.

We may also be stitching through multiple layers of fabric and batting.

The strength and brilliant colors of Sulky Poly Deco make it the perfect choice for this technique.

My favorite SCHMETZ needles for thread painting with Sulky Poly Deco are:

SCHMETZ Chrome Topstitch 90/14

The heavy shaft and sharp tip pierces the multiple layers of fabric, batting, stabilizer and threads without skipping.

The large eye and very deep groove protect my thread.

The chrome coating helps the needle to glide through the multiple layers while staying cool to prevent heat damage to my thread.

SCHMETZ Chrome Topstitch 80/12

The same as above only finer.

The perfect choice for thread painting that is not too dense.

SCHMETZ Topstitch 80/12 and 90/14

As above but minus the chrome coating.

SCHMETZ Chrome Topstitch needles size 90/14

Sulky Poly Deco thread adds wonderful depth and dimension to thread painting.

Sulky Poly Deco thread adds brilliant color, depth and dimension

Another fantastic polyester thread is Sulky Premium Invisible Thread.

This top quality, super fine monofilament thread comes in clear for light colored fabrics and smoke for stitching on dark fabrics.

It’s the perfect choice when you just want the texture of your stitching to show without focusing on the thread.

My favorite SCHMETZ needlesfor stitching with SULKY Invisible thread are:

SCHMETZ Chrome Microtex Sharp 70/10

The chrome finish protects the thread from heat damage.

Small eye and groove for less thread bounce.

SCHMETZ Chrome Microtex Sharp 80/12

SCHMETZ Quilting (Standard or Chrome) 75/11


Background quilting stitched with Sulky Clear Invisible thread

SULKY Premium Invisible Thread is also a great choice for quilting that crosses multiple thread colors.

Please Note
If winding a bobbin with monofilament thread simply wind the bobbin at half speed and half full to avoid over expanding the bobbin.

Sulky Polyester Invisible Thread is the perfect choice when crossing many colors

I’m so glad that you joined me today for our discussion of SCHMETZ needle choices for quilting with Sulky and Gütermann polyester threads.

Come back tomorrow when the focus will be on using SCHMETZ needles with lovely Sulky and Gütermann rayon threads.

This is part 3 of 5 in this series.
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