Rayon thread – beautiful silk-like lustre

All this week we have been looking into perfect needle pairings for a variety of Sulky and Gütermann threads.

Yesterday we learned about a variety of different polyester threads.

Today I’m talking about SCHMETZ needle pairings for lovely Sulkyand Gütermannrayon threads.

Rayon thread adds a lovely soft sheen to quilting.

What is rayon and why we love it!

Rayon, also known as viscose rayon is a manufactured fiber made from cellulose.

The cellulose commonly used to manufacture rayon is found in wood pulp so rayon is considered a manufactured natural fiber.

Sulky and Gütermann rayon threads both come in a rainbow of beautiful colors.

Rayon has a soft luxurious sheen that adds a look similar to silk thread at a fraction of the cost.

Though rayon has a delicate appearance this thread is surprisingly strong making it a great choice for quilting even on items that will need to withstand frequent washing.

A selection of Gütermann rayon thread

Sulky and Gütermann threads have a wide range of 40wt rayon available in solid, variegated and multi color.

In addition to their 40wt threads Sulky also has a collection of heavier 30wt rayon.

Sulky 40wt Rayon thread comes in a rainbow of beautiful colors

Rayon thread for beautiful machine quilting

Sulky and Gütermann rayon thread is highly adaptable to all types of machine quilting.

My favorite SCHMETZ needlesfor working with rayon threads are:

SCHMETZ Embroidery 75/11

This needle has a sharp point and a fine blade with a deep protective groove to stop thread abrasion.

Though intended for machine embroidery it also does a wonderful job for quilting as it was developed specifically to work with threads like our Sulky and Gütermann rayon.

SCHMETZ Microtex Sharp 80/12

Works well for stitching medium size designs with both 30wt and 40wt rayon thread.
Very slim shaft for fine stitching.
Small eye for less thread bounce.

SCHMETZ Quilting 75/11

Gives a good quality stitch with both 30wt and 40wt rayon threads.

The needle I use most often when straight line quilting or stitching medium to large free motion designs.

A SCHMETZ 75/11 Quilting needles partner beautifully with Sulky and Gütermann rayon thread

Rayon thread loves to micro stitch

OurSulky and Gütermannrayon threads are extremely soft and pliable.

When paired with the correct SCHMETZ needleeven the tiniest stitching looks smooth and beautiful.

My favorite needles for micro stitching are:

SCHMETZ Microtex 70/10

The smaller needle allows us to free motion quilt very small designs with fine stitches.

SCHMETZ Microtex Sharp 60/8

My favorite for Micro Stitching the tiniest of designs.

The small eye and fine shaft makes tine precise stitching possible

SCHMETZ Chrome Microtex Sharp 60/8

As above with the addition of a chrome coating for less heat abrasion.

SCHMETZ Universal 70/10

Prevents damage to fabric when free motion quilting on fine silk or satin.

Background quilting stitched with a SCHMETZ Microtex Sharp 60/8 needle and Sulky 40wt rayon

Enjoy using rayon to add a new dimension to your machine quilting.

Join me tomorrow for our final day of this series as we work with our SCHMETZ needles and the most glamorous Sulkyand Gütermann threads.

You won’t want to miss it!

This is part 4 of 5 in this series.
Go back to part 3: Polyester thread – durable beauty

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