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Quilted bag sports extraordinary quilt expression 720 built-in stitches

by Carla A. Canonico

As quilters, getting ready for summer means making a quilted tote to carry our precious quilt project during our travels. Next week’s posts by the joyful quilter, Sarah Vanderburgh of Sew Joy Creations, is precisely about that!

Using the PFAFF quilt expression 720 to patchwork, quilt and embellish a quilted summer tote

Join Sarah starting Monday, June 24th as she talks about Tapered program and Sequence program, both on the PFAFF quilt expression 720. Its built-in stitches are extraordinary, see below to see a few of what’s in store.

Sewing machines as stitches? Love this!

Sarah will also go over the stippling options on the PFAFF quilt expression 720. You can’t dream it, you’ll be amazed at how many stippling patterns and options there are!

…and the stippling options abound!

She ends the week adding professional touches to her quilted tote. After all, anything we make needs to look professional even if we made it at home.

Do join us next week for this informative tutorial on the PFAFF quilt expression 720 and the free summer tote pattern.





Deanna Ellett June 24, 2019 - 11:29 pm

What a lovely quilted tote bag!

Elizabeth Matthiesen June 23, 2019 - 6:04 pm

What a gorgeous tote bag, my sister-in-law made one of her own but uses it for absolutely everything from her quilt club to shopping or travelling.


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