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Quilting Studio Chaos

by Elaine Theriault

Quilting Studio Chaos!

If you have ever been to my studio – you know that it is never tidy, therefore, quilting studio chaos! I may clear off some work surfaces for guests to work, but the moment they are gone – WHOOSH – I wave my magic wand and EVERY SURFACE is covered.   I have a couple of intense projects going on at the moment and trying to finish up a couple of others and the studio – well have a look………………… There is a quilt to be trimmed, fabric to be put away and those hour glass blocks to be trimmed A quilt backing to be made and OH MY – there are those hour glass blocks again.   I need a container for them as they seem to get shifted from surface to surface. Not an effective use of time!!!!! It is not enough that the work surfaces are FULL, but I have moved a couple more surfaces into the area (for picture taking purposes) and now I am dodging those.   Chairs have been called into duty – holding more quilts to be trimmed, empty boxes.  There are THREE sewing machines up and all are being used – depending on the project, thread colour and foot.   All the while, I am taking pictures and have to get everything straight (trying to write three weeks of blogs and my own)!!!!   Oh boy – what fun!!!!   Seriously – I am having a ball and so happy with my projects.   Sorry – cannot share the projects with you yet. But watch QUILTsocial this coming week and you will get to see some of what I have been working on. I even got M excited about this new project and one of them is for her!


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