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Spring Cleaning? UGH!

Spring Cleaning? UGH!

by Carla A. Canonico
Spring Cleaning? UGH! –  The Quilt Studio
Aren’t these shelves just so pretty and organized? You are thinking, wow, she must be sitting back with her favourite beverage and basking in the organization of her stash. How lucky she is! How organized she is!
The reality is, this picture is OLD I mean a couple of years old, taken when I first got the shelves and yes they were clean and neat and organized. Then, well, time didn’t stand still and they became messier, more crowded, filled with new treasurers and quite frankly it’s time to return them to this happy stage. So in honour of Spring and our tradition spring cleaning I’m going to tackle one shelf per day. I’m actually looking forward to it, I love to have things neat and tidy around me, I often do a ‘cursory’ clean up after I complete each project but lately that cursory clean up just isn’t enough so I’m going at like my grandma used to, kerchief on head, windows thrown open and will tackle the clutter with the dedication of madwoman…


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