SEW EASY 90° Patchwork Triangle Ruler makes quick job of half square triangles

Making a modern quilt yesterday using the SEW EASY Sew Square Ruler – 6½” x 6½” was really a cinch. HSTs are so versatile and can create a wide range of designs. The possibilities that this ruler has are limitless, I hope you will enjoy using it.

Today we’ll explore the SEW EASY 90° Patchwork Triangle Ruler – 7½” x 15½” to make a baby quilt. I want to show you how easy it is to use this ruler to make blocks.

The SEW EASY 90° Patchwork Triangle Ruler – 7½” x 15½”

I found great fabrics from Northcott that I’ll be using for this quilt, they are from the Stonehenge OH CANADA Our Home and Native Land collection.

For this quilt, we’ll need 3 complimentary fabrics.

We’ll need ⅞ of a yard of each of the 3 fabrics. You’ll also need an additional 10″ for the color of your choice for the quilt’s binding.

From 2 of the fabrics cut 6 strips that are 5” wide. From the 3rd fabric cut 4 strips 7” wide.

Stonehenge OH CANADA Our Home and Native Land collection

Take a 5” strips from each color, put them right sides together, and sew on both sides of the strips; you‘re sewing a tube. Sew all your 5” strips this way. 

Sew a seam on each edge of the fabrics strips.

Take your Sew Easy triangle ruler and align the 5” line of the ruler to the edge of the fabric. Once both, ruler and fabric edges are aligned use your rotary cutter to cut the fabrics.

Align the 5″ line of the ruler to the edge of the fabric.

Once cut, rotate your ruler 180° repeating the above step on the opposite edge of the fabric. Continue rotating your ruler until the entire strip is cut. You should be able to get 7 blocks per set of strips. You’ll need 35 blocks.

Rotate the ruler and align the 5″ line with the other edge of the fabric.

Once all strips are cut, remove the few stitches at the point of the triangle by gently pulling the fabrics apart then press the seams to the dark side.

From the 3rd fabric, 7” strips, cut triangles in the same fashion as you did the with the 5” strips, using 7″ mark on the ruler. Cut a total of 16 triangles.

Triangles made from the 7″ strips along with the blocks made using the 5″ strips.

Using this method to cut your half square triangles makes the task faster and less tedious than other methods.

The single triangles cut from the 7″ strips are used to put the blocks on point which will complete the rows, as shown below.

Placement of the quilt block and triangles

Once the half square triangles are sewn, press the seams towards the darker fabric and cut off the dog ears.

Cut off the dog ears after the rows are sewn.

Sew the blocks and triangles into rows in a diagonal fashion as per the above photo. Then sew the rows together to complete the quilt top. Keep the 4 corner triangles for last.

To ensure their correct placement lay rows diagonally prior to sewing.

The last step before quilting is to add the corners. Before you can sew the corners to the quilt top they must be trimmed down. Line up the bottom of the triangle with the 6½” line SEW EASY Triangle Ruler and cut.

Trim down the corner triangles for a perfect fit.

Center the triangles at the corners and sew them in place.

Center the corner triangle piece and sew.

The completed baby quilt, it measures 49″ x 49″

I’m on a roll…I’ve had so much fun with all the Sew Easy Rulers explored this week. They really make the task of making what could be considered a tedious quilt block, into a quick task. As you saw, making HSTs for this baby quilt simplified this otherwise tedious task. Putting a quilt together doesn’t have to be complicated when using these rulers such as the SEW EASY Triangle Ruler 90° – 7½” x 15½”

Normally this would be my last post for the week but I decided to give you one more post. You don’t want to miss it, as I talk about how to set up a quilting space when you are away for a few days at your trailer or at a hotel. Stay tuned.

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