SEW EASY Square Ruler makes easy work of half square triangles

Yesterday, we went ‘modern’, and got a bit dizzy going around in circles using the TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter.

Today, we’re making another modern quilt using the SEW EASY Square Ruler – 6½” x 6½”.

SEW EASY Square Ruler – 6½” x 6½”

For this project, you’ll need the following:

From white fabric using the SEW EASY square ruler cut the following:

  •          16 squares 6½” x 6½”
  •          2 strips 2” x 32½”
  •          5 strips 2” x 29″
  •          12 strips 2” x 6½”


From colored fabric (any scraps would work well for this project) cut the following:

  •        1 square 6½” x 6½”
  •        2 squares 5½” x 5½”
  •        3 squares 4½” x 4½”
  •        4 squares 3½” x 3½”
  •        3 squares 2½” x 2½”
  •        2 squares 1½” x 1½”

Using the SEW EASY Square Ruler – 6½” x 6½” to cut fabric squares for our modern quilt.

After all your pieces are cut you’ll have beautiful squares for your quilt.

Colorful fabrics will be used for this modern quilt.

With a pencil, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of each of your colored fabric pieces.

Draw one diagonal line going from corner to corner.

Place colored fabrics squarely on the white fabric squares, right sides together, matching edges. As the colored squares become progressively smaller square them off at the upper right corner.

Place colored fabric on the upper right corner of the white fabric square.

Sew along the diagonal line.

Sew along the drawn diagonal line.

Once all 15 squares are sewn, trim fabric to ¼” from seam on the upper right corner then press the block open.

Trim fabric to ¼” from seam on the upper right corner.

Start sewing the first row together for a total of 4 rows.

There are two ways to sew the rows together: the first is to place them randomly and the second is to put them together in an organized manner.

I organized mine in the following way from left to right using the colored fabric size as the point of reference:

              Row 1: 3½” x 3½”, 4½” x 4½”, 5½” x 5½” and 6½” x 6½”

              Row 2: 2½” x 2½”, 3½” x 3½”, 4½” x 4½” and 5½” x 5½”

              Row 3: 1½” x 1½”, 2½” x 2½”, 3½” x 3½” and 4½” x 4½”

              Row 4: 6½” x 6½” (white), 1½” x 1½”, 2½” x 2½” and 3½” x 3½”

Place all blocks in rows prior to sewing white strip between blocks.

To separate the blocks, sew a white 2″ x 6½” strip between each block.

The 2″ x 6½” white strips are sewn between each block.

Take 3 of the 2″ x 29″ strips and place them between each row. Then, sew the remaining 2 – 2″ x 29″ strips on each side of the quilt. Sew the last 2 – 2″ x 32½” strips to the top and bottom of the quilt.

The modern half square triangle quilt is completed.

I hope that you enjoyed using the SEW EASY Square Ruler – 6½” x 6½” to construct this modern quilt.

Join me tomorrow as I have more quilting fun using another helpful ruler, the SEW EASY Triangle Ruler 90° – 7½” x 15½”, are you wondering what that quilt is going be?

This is part 4 of 5 in this series.
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