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Sewing table dishes up flexible creative space

by Nancy Devine
The Studio Collection Sewing and Design Table ships as a flat pack. Let’s get it together.

To shamelessly paraphrase Virginia Woolf, a woman needs a reliable sewing machine, and a decent table to work upon, if she is to be a successful quilter. The Studio Collection Sewing and Design Table is like having a sewing room on wheels, and thus the sewing table dishes up flexible creative space.

Most of us make do when it comes to a sewing table. We sew at the kitchen table, in the dining room or even a sturdy vintage card table. And that’s a shame, really. Having a sewing machine at the proper height does two important things:

, when the ergonomics are right you steer clear of back and shoulder pain — and if we’re honest, we’ll sew until we need pain killers. It’s just the way we are.

Secondly, having your machine on a proper sewing table helps to keep the all important 1/4-inch seam straight, because you don’t have lift your hands and arms up to guide the fabric through the machine. Sitting slightly higher makes a huge difference.

It takes a while to unbox the table parts. Some of the packaging can be used to protect the floor.

The Studio Collection Sewing and Design from table from HA Kidd affords not only a good sewing table, but also an extended table surface to accommodate a cutting mat. There’s also extra space for storage. And, like the cutting table from my post here, it all folds away when not in use.

It’s a sewing room of one’s own on casters — so it can go anywhere. Just wheel it away when, and if, you’re finished sewing for the day. Folded away, this sewing studio can do double duty as buffet table. Throw on padded table cover and a nice cloth over it and serve up supper. Catered, of course, because we’ve been sewing all day.

I’m looking forward to using it when I have my crafty pals over for an evening of sewing and creating. The extra space will be great when one person is using the machine, another can be cutting, and yet one more can be pressing.

Let’s unbox the table and see what’s what with putting it together. Don’t try to lift this on your own. It’s very heavy. I put the table together in the living room of my home. It’s a relatively open space.

Several family members expressed concern that it might stay there. I pointed out the roll away feature. Protestors silenced, I took the pieces from the box. I actually used some of the packaging to protect the floor and the parts from damage.

Use packaging from the box to protect your floor from scratches from the larger pieces of the table.

Also helpful is using a magnetized tray — found in auto parts shops — to hold the many, many pieces of hardware. A note about the bags of hardware: Each one has a sticker affixed, they’re very helpful in sorting out which bolt, nut or screw you’ll need. Sadly, they fall off easily. Take a moment to really press the stickers onto each bag it will save time.

Speaking of time, the instructions indicate this project will take 30 minutes. It took me a total of three hours over two days. But then again, I live in a family with lots of distractions.

Tomorrow, we’ll get into the construction phase and then on to see how this sewing table dishes up flexible creative space!



Greta March 11, 2015 - 8:52 am

How nice to have some much space! Looks nice.

Linda Webster March 10, 2015 - 9:52 pm

It would be fantastic to have all these great sewing cabinets in my sewing room!

Vicki H March 10, 2015 - 7:45 pm

You will so enjoy your new sewing table. I am jealous.

Allison CB March 10, 2015 - 3:01 pm

Nice table!


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