Sewing the pieces together – it’s quilt assembly day!

Here we are, it’s Friday – the day the Marvel Avengers Kids in Action quilt comes together!

This week, I introduced a few of the notions and tools by Clover I use when assembling a quilt. Yesterday, I demonstrated the Clover Thread Cutter Pendant and how to make Quarter Square Triangles (QST) for the quilt. The thread cutter pendant is a great tool to have handy when chain piecing and there are many linking threads to cut.

Later in today’s post, I’ll show you how I use Clover Wonder Clips when binding a quilt.

Wonder Clips by Clover

The first thing I’ll do today is pair all 160 Half-Square Triangles (HSTs) and sew into rectangular units.

Pair the HSTs into rectangular units.

Sew a red and blue HST rectangular unit to opposite sides of each of the 20 Marvel Avengers Kids in Action 6½” x 6½” accent squares.

HST units sewn to opposite sides of the accent fabric.

Next, sew one of the 80 yellow and green QST units constructed on Thursday, to opposite ends of the remaining 40 red and blue HST rectangular units.

Note: Take note of which color of the QST is sewn to the ends of the rectangular HST units. Each end has a different color sewn to the HST unit.

Sew a QST unit to each short end of an HST rectangular unit.

Next, take the 40 newly constructed sets of QST/HST units and sew them to opposite sides of the accent fabric units.

This step creates the 20 blocks needed to complete the quilt top.

A completed block.

To complete the quilt top, sew four completed blocks together to create a row. Make five rows.

Sew the five rows together to complete the quilt top.

Sew the completed blocks into rows of four and sew the rows together.

Just like that, the quilt top is complete! Now to get it quilted.

The next technique I’d like to talk about is binding. There’s too much to share today, so I invite you instead to check out a series of posts on this topic by Elaine Theriault, starting with THE formula for calculating the necessary yardage for binding your quilt.

One part of the binding process I’d like to quickly cover is the final part – how to finish attaching the binding to the quilt.

Once the binding is cut and sewn to the quilt top, it must be turned over the quilt’s edge for the final seam, which can be sewn either by hand or by machine. Over the years, I’ve tried many methods to secure the binding once it’s folded over the quilt’s edge and before I stitch it down. I’ve tried pinning the binding, holding it down with my fingers, and once I even tried using a special glue! Well, some of these methods worked, others not so much.

I now use Clover’s Wonder Clips. They open easily and have enough strength to secure the binding to the quilt’s edge before it’s sewn to the quilt. These handy clips come in packages of 10, 20, 26, 50 or 100. They also come in jumbo and mini sizes. I suggest you get the package of 50, and you’ll have enough clips for most project needs.

Use Clover’s Wonder Clips to secure the binding to the quilt before sewing.

With the binding sewn in place, the quilt is finished. I look forward to giving baby Nathaniel his very first quilt!

Baby loves his new Marvel Avengers Kids in Action Quilt! Photo by Katie Ochin

I always enjoy demonstrating easy techniques as I did this week. Having the right tools and notions at hand makes creating and demonstrating fun and efficient.

This week I used some of my favorite Clover products. I look forward to highlighting many more in future posts.

Head out to your local quilt shop to get the Clover notions and tools demonstrated to make your quilting journey smooth and easy.

·         Clover Quilting Pins – 48mm (178″)

·         Clover Wonder Clips

·         Clover Thread Cutter Pendant

·         Clover Chaco Liners

·         Clover Rotary Cutter – 45mm (134″)

Happy Quilting!

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