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Show and Tell…Quilting Fun!

by Carla A. Canonico

It’s Monday! Are you ready to start another exciting week of quilting possibilities? I am!

I get very inspired by what other quilters are doing, here is one of my favorite posts from our bloggers.

Who couldn’t use a little show and tell on a Monday?

Crazy Quilter on a Bike!: More show n tell…

We had a great day sewing on Monday. Since it was a holiday we did not have regular Monday Motivators, but I offered my studio and we had a full house. Everyone was working on their homework for some of the ongoing classes. As usual, loads of laughs and LOTS of work got done.  I love that lightbulb moment when people figure out to solve their own problems. I am not going to show you that show n tell until the class on Saturday. However, I will have to warn people that they are NOT allowed to bring OTHER projects for show n tell.  It has happened on numerous occasions where someone brings out a quilt to show and I either have the kit, pattern or a UFO.  In this case – I had the kit. Have a look…


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