Spectrum QAL Block 11 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

I’m Pam Voth, and I’m back with Block 11 of the Spectrum QAL on QUILTsocial. I’m completing my blocks using fabric from the Delightful Collection by Riley Blake. Here are the full instructions on how to make Spectrum QAL Block 11.

Pam’s Version of Block 11 from the Spectrum QAL

I want to emphasize the use of a variety of fabrics in Block 11. As you near the end of creating the blocks for your quilt, you often look back and see which fabrics you have used a lot throughout the project. I spent some time doing this for Block 11 and chose a fabric for the larger squares I hadn’t used much throughout the quilt. Using a fabric collection allows you to select fabrics for each block more easily, but even when you’re designing your own from your stash, matching and using a variety of fabrics throughout the blocks is a rewarding and energizing task.

For this block, I created the center square using half-square triangles and created the four diamond design squares. I then pieced the center together with the diamond squares and flying geese and created the corner blocks – flying geese, corner square and large square – sewing one of the flying geese to the corner square and one to the larger square and then matching and sewing them together. I finished the block by sewing the two sides of the block together and attached them to the center.

My blocks have the outer frame color carried through for all 12 blocks. I also tried to make sure I used the light blue repeatedly throughout, and I’ll be using that color to complete the sashing between my blocks on the top. I enjoyed playing with color, and I used this QAL to refine my skills in making half-square triangles, diamond designs and flying geese. As a beginning quilter, you’ll find these skills so helpful as you move forward to try more and more difficult designs. Remember, the goal is learning and not perfection. If you enjoy it, keep pushing yourself. but always be proud of the work you’ve done and celebrate everything you learn, step by step, as you try new projects.

Please take the time to connect with me, and share your version of Block 11 by posting it with #TheSewGoesOn. Be sure to check out my version of the Spectrum QAL Block 10 as well.

Elaine Theriault – Block 11

Paul Léger – Block 11

Claire Haillot – Block 11

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