Tassel making for the Flower Power Pillow

Tassels add elegance wherever they are placed, they are easy to make but even easier to make with the Clover Tassel Maker. Let me show you how it works.

Making tassels with the Clover Tassel Maker

You will want to try and make a few tassels using different colors. Mostly because it’s too much fun to make just one! For each tassel I made I used a whole skein of embroidery floss. This project calls for 4 tassels, one in each corner and  two tassels from fun yarn to turn into flowers to add onto the pillow.

Making tassels using the Clover Tassel Maker and good Stella lighting

The instructions included with the Clover Tassel Maker are so simple and easy to follow. Simple wrapping around the instrument, tying a knot in the middle, cutting off in the top and bottom slats and turning it into a tassel! I liked using the Stella light to ensure accuracy when cutting and tying the final knot.

Use embroidery floss and the Clover Tassel Maker to make beautiful tassels.

I can make tassels in 90 seconds flat using the tassel maker. One tip, and maybe it’s just me, sometimes embroidery floss and I don’t get along. Unravel the whole skein first, then begin making the tassel.

Completed tassels in a variety of colors

For the top and back of pillow, I used a 12″ pillow form, but these directions can be modified for any size of pillow form.


Cut out a 13” x 13” piece of fabric for top, same for batting and for back of quilt top. Quilt in a meandering stitch. Trim to 12” x 12”.

Back of Pillow

For the back of pillow, measure fabric by adding 1” onto width of pillow form (12 +1) and 6” onto height of pillow form (12 + 6) and cut one piece 13” x 18” then cut in half to get two 13” x 9” rectangles.

Along one of the 13”  sides of each of the 9” rectangles, fold over ¼”, press, fold over ¼” and stitch. Set aside.

Check back tomorrow as we put it all together to create a one of a kind Flower Power Pillow!

This is part 4 of 5 in this series.
Go back to part 3:  Making rick rack flowers for a modern quilted cushion

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ARLENE July 14, 2016 - 10:42 am
FANTASTIC......looks like a great pillow
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