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The ins and outs of using a twin needle in the NQ900

by Christine Baker

Yesterday on QUILTsocial we used some of the neat features on the Brother NQ900 sewing machine to customize stitches. Tomorrow we’re going to use the regular utility stitches, but we’re going to kick it up a notch by using a twin needle. So today we’re going to talk about how to set the machine up for twin needle sewing.

The Brother NQ900 sewing machine comes equipped with a twin sewing needle.

The twin needle

The NQ900 comes with a twin needle, so we’re going to install it, and then we need to let the machine know what type of needle we’re using.

The twin needle is installed in the Brother NQ900 sewing machine.

The twin needle installed

We go into the settings screen by pressing the button on the panel that looks like a page of the paper. Then we use the left hand +/- buttons to scroll through the pages until we find the twin needle setting. Use the +/- buttons on the right side of the screen to change the setting to “on”.

Now press the back button to return to the stitch selection screen.

The Twin Needle setting on the NQ900 is set to "on".

Set Twin Needle setting to “on”

Threading the needles

The left needle is threaded first with the regular top thread.

Note: The automatic needle threader CAN NOT be used with the twin needle.

The left needle in the twin needle is threaded first.

Left needle threaded

Next, we have to attach the horizontal spool pin which will hold the second spool of top thread.

The horizontal spool pin for the Brother NQ900 sewing machine.

The horizontal spool pin

The horizontal spool pin easily attaches to the shaft of the bobbin winder.

The horizontal spool pin is attached to the bobbin winder shaft of the NQ900 sewing machine.

The horizontal spool pin is attached to the bobbin winder shaft.

Swing the spool pin toward the left so that it is horizontal. Slide on a spool of thread and then the spool cap. The thread should unroll from the top front of the spool. I’ve put a spool of WonderFil variegated Tutti thread on each of the spool pins.

The right needle's upper thread is placed onto the horizontal spool pin with the spool cap.

The right needle’s upper thread

Thread the upper thread for the right-hand needle the same as the thread for the left one. The only difference is that the right-hand thread does NOT pass through the needle bar thread guide. Manually thread the right-hand needle.

Both of the twin needles are threaded with WonderFil thread.

Both needles threaded

The last thing to do before we get stitching is to attach the zigzag foot “J”.

Now that the machine is all set up, I can’t wait to see what the stitches look like with the twin needle and the variegated thread! Make sure you come back tomorrow for more fun using the NQ900.

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