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This modern baby quilt steals the show!

by Sarah Vanderburgh

Baby quilts are a fun and hopeful project. Let’s make one! This week I invite you to go on an adventure into the stitching land of the PFAFF performance icon. My favorite part happens later in the week, but like any adventure, you have to start at the beginning! I have to admit, there isn’t another machine I’d like to take on this trip than the performance icon. We have become close friends 🙂

PFAFF performance icon

This quilt was inspired by a lot of things, including the colors of the year. I also wanted to challenge myself to make a modern quilt with solids – a very different kind of journey for me! This quilt would also be fun in novelty prints or more than 3 solid colors, so use what you have on hand.

Mostly the fabric is just the background for the story the stitches tell. I thought about what kind of blessing or dreams I would want to share with a new baby and its family to give me some focus or a theme. I came up with the song, Climb Every Mountain, from The Sound of Music. I hope you’ll be able to see how the lyrics inspired my stitching and truly led me on a wonderful quilting adventure.

Modern baby quilt




Cutting Instructions

Cut pieces in order given to make best use of fabric


  • 6 – 9 squares
  • 2 – 8½” squares
  • 12 – 4½” x 8½” rectangles


  • 6 – 9 squares
  • 2 – 8½” squares
  • 12 – 4½” x 8½” rectangles


  • 4 – 9 squares
  • 8 – 4½” x 8½” rectangles

Now I’m ready to start this stitching adventure! Come back tomorrow to explore with me and the PFAFF performance icon.

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