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Use the Stitch and Flip method for making small half square triangles

by Sarah Vanderburgh

In today’s post, we start making the curling rock coasters using the PFAFF passport 3.0. In yesterday’s post I listed the fabric and cutting requirements for making the coasters. Go check it out and join me in making some today:)

curling rock block pieced quilt block

Curling rock block

Stitch and flip method

To make accurate half-square triangles for the handles and the bottom of the curling rock I used the stitch and flip method.
My usual method of using two squares to make two half-square triangle units is trickier as the half square units get smaller – like in these coasters. Try this method and see what you think!

sew on drawn line closeup sewing

Sew on the drawn line.

Draw a diagonal line on the back of each 1½” background square.
Place one square, right side down, on the end of the 4½” long handle rectangle. The diagonal line should be opposite the top outside corner – refer to the photo.
For this method, sew on the drawn line.

In this photo, you can see that the presser foot is clear which makes it easy for me to keep track of my line when sewing. Can you see the red 4 on the bobbin case to the right of my square? That’s a ¼” guideline printed right on the case.

PFAFF passport 3.0

PFAFF passport 3.0

Can I tell you a secret? Using the red guideline on the bobbin case and the grooved line of the presser foot I sewed the rest of my background squares without drawing lines on them! And I was able to keep my diagonal lines straight and accurate by also using the needle down function. The needle down button keeps the needle in your fabric at all times – it’s like having another hand help you and eliminates the need for pinning! With no need to mark or pin I sew a lot faster and because I’m using the PFAFF features {IDT system and needle down} I still end up with precise piecing.

removing excess seam allowance stitch and flip method

Cut off excess seam allowance.

Cut the fabric away from the outside edge leaving a ¼” seam allowance.
Press the seam to the background square.

This is the flip part of the method – the pressed background fabric is the new half square triangle!

half square triangle units pieced triangles

Half square triangle pieces

Repeat on the other end of the 4½” long handle rectangle.
Use the stitch and flip method to add background squares to the 5″ long handle rectangle and the 1½” x 5½” long light grey rectangle.

Piecing the units

sewn units straight stitch piecing

Sewn units

Sew together the 1″ x 2½” handle rectangle with the 1″ x 2½” background rectangle; press the seam to the handle fabric.

Sew together the dark gray rectangle and the 1″ x 5½” light gray rectangle; press the seam to the dark gray fabric.

IDT system PFAFF display presser foot for use with IDT system

IDT recommended with this presser foot.

When sewing with a straight stitch the PFAFF passport 3.0 recommends engaging the IDT system. This system clicks into the presser foot and enables the fabrics to move evenly under the needle and over the feed dogs.
You can find out if the stitch you’ve selected is recommended for use with the IDT system by touching the “i” button – the display will show the presser foot number recommended and a small dot will show up in the bottom right to tell you to engage the IDT system.
A few more steps and the curling rock block will be constructed.

two units sewn together coaster units curling rock block construction

Top right handle unit and bottom curling rock unit

It’s time to start sewing the units together. Sew the 4½” long handle rectangle to the top of the red and white rectangle unit; press the seam to the rectangle unit.

Sew the bottom rock to the dark and light gray unit – refer to the photo for orientation. Press the seam up to towards the dark fabric.

curling rock handle top sewn units of curling rock block

Top handle unit

Sew the 1½” x 2″ background rectangle to the left end of the top handle unit – refer to the photo. Press the seam to the background fabric.

Sew units together

curling rock as three units

Three units to sew together.

Sew the two handle units together and press the seam to the bottom.

Sew the handle unit to the rock bottom unit; press the seam to the rock bottom unit.

Curling rock quilt block

Curling rock quilt block

The curling rock block should measure 5″ tall x 5½” wide.

four curling rock blocks quilt blocks

Four curling rock blocks

Repeat to make one more red curling rock block and two yellow curling rock blocks.

The stitch and flip method made quick work of the half-square triangles in these blocks. Using the features of the PFAFF passport 3.0 helped me sew my blocks quickly and precisely. In the next post, we’ll turn the curling rock blocks into coasters.

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