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Using a little Dazzle and a little Splendor to finish the Studio Bird quilt

by Nancy Devine

My Studio Bird mini quilt is almost ready to grace a wall in my newly-organized sewing space.

Yesterday, we used 3 hand embroidery styles to add embellishments using WonderFil’s Dazzle thread. Today, we’re going to complete the quilt by binding it and labeling it. But first, we have to press and trim our work.

I elected to use a lot of steam over the quilt. To make sure you don’t flatten all those lovely hand stitches, made more beautiful with WonderFil Specialty Threads, place a fluffy towel on the ironing board, then place the quilt right side down on the towel. Set the iron to the wool setting, and lightly press the work.

Trim the quilt.

A quilter's ruler and rotary cutter set on a cutting board to trim the studio bird mini quilt. WonderFil Specialty Threads.

Trim the quilt before binding it.

Machine set up to embroider a label for the Studio Bird mini quilt. WonderFil Specialty Threads.

Stitch a label using free motion machine embroidery techniques.

The paper backing on fusbile adhesive tears away. WonderFil Specialty Threads.

Remove the paper backing from the fusbile adhesive, which acts as a stablizer for machine stitching.

I made a label by ironing a scrap of fusible adhesive to a pretty scrap of fabric, adding a little heart. I used WonderFil’s Splendor thread to outline the heart with some decorative stitches. I then switched the machine set up to free-motion stitching, and traced over the penciled-in details of the quilt in contrasting thread. If you keep the paper backing on the fusible adhesive, it can also act as a stabilizer.

I removed the backing and ironed on the label.

WonderFil Specialty Threads - spools of Splendor thread

WonderFil Specialty Threads – spools of Splendor thread

Binding strip sewn to the front of the mini quilt with the sewing machine's walking foot. WonderFil Specialty Threads.

Apply the binding to the front of the quilt. Use the machine’s walking foot to make this part go smoothly.

I had enough leftover binding from another project for this quilt. This is my favorite binding method, expertly explained by QUILTsocial’s own Elaine Theriault. Follow it, and you’ll have no trouble at all binding this little mini quilt.

I like to slip stitch the binding to the back of the quilt by hand. I used Efina for this stitching. It was amazing to see the stitches literally disappear with no effort on my part.

Once the binding is stitched, front and back, press it well.

I found a little hanger in the scrap booking section of my favorite craft store. It comes with a label tag. Very cool, and quite affordable!

I hope that you had as much fun as I had playing with leftovers and making them really special with WonderFil’s beautiful spectrum of threads. Complete a quilt with proper binding and a fun label, and you will always be pleased with the results.

Keep visiting QUILTsocial for all kinds of quilty fun.

A hanger by Tim Holtz displays the studio bird mini quilt on a wall. WonderFil Specialty Threads.

The Studio Bird mini quilt is all done!

Detail of the mini quilt hanger showing the label. WonderFil Specialty Threads.

Love that label!

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