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Why DecoBob isn’t your average bobbin thread

by Paul Leger

What a fun week it’s been playing with different machine applique techniques using a few of the great variety of versatile threads offered by WonderFil.

If only this week could be little longer! I would have loved to play with some of the other WonderFil threads with such tantalizing names as Dazzle and Mirage! We’ll save these for future posts.

WonderFil threads

WonderFil threads

When we finished appliqueing our clouds yesterday I felt our quilt still needed a little something.

I’m using DecoBob for the quilt top and bobbin thread when doing machine applique work. You may be wondering why I would use a bobbin thread to sew with. My answer (or should I say question?) is why not?

I love thread like DecoBob because of its versatility. This light weight thread allows for a very narrow satin stitch. It will be obvious that you used the satin stitch but it won’t overpower your piece.

Also, I enjoy how easily DecoBob goes through the machine line more than any other thread. 

DecoBob is an 80wt, 2-ply cottonized polyester thread available in 36 solid colors. It’s available in 2187yd [2000m] and 6562yd [6000m] spools and can also be purchased in prewound bobbins for both domestic and longarm machines.

WonderFil DecoBob threads not just for bobbin thread!

WonderFil DecoBob threads not just for bobbin thread!

As you’re aware, DecoBob is a bobbin thread but I do also on occasion sew with it. So, when using a lightweight thread like DecoBob for sewing, I always test my stitches to ensure the tension is correct.

When it comes to machine applique, my thread tension is usually fine and have not given me any major issues; however, every now and then, the bobbin thread will ever-so-slightly appear on top. This doesn’t happen often enough for me to get caught up playing with the tensions.

If your tension issues are like mine and worries you, you may want to ensure that the DecoBob bobbin thread you use matches the top thread. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match.

Without further ado, let’s work on the last element of our quilt top: a nice, bright colorful sun. Click the template for the printable PDF of the sun.

Today's applique piece

Today’s applique piece

I’m using a 2-sided fusible web for this piece and I’ll also be returning to one of my favorite stitches, the satin stitch.

Draw the sun on the fusible web, fuse it to the back of the fabric chosen for the sun. Cut out the sun and fuse it to the background fabric.

Since the sun measures only about 3” x 3” and has many points, I will set my machine at a stitch length of .1 or. 2 and a stitch width of 2. The stitch length is shorter than what I would normally use but because this is an 80wt thread, a shorter stitch length will produce a better result.

Satin stitching using WonderFil a BecoBob thread.

Satin stitching using WonderFil a BecoBob thread.

When machine applique stitching is done, turn the work over and look at the back of the quilt top. See how nicely the DecoBob bobbin thread turned out?!

Even stitches on the back of both the sun and the clouds are beautiful!

A look at the back of the applique piece showing the nice look made by the bobbin thread.

A look at the back of the applique piece showing the nice look made by the bobbin thread.

I just want to add more elements to this quilt top!Now I think it needs a big bumble bee… If I had more time I would work on one.

Now to finish my quilt top I’ll quilt it using Tutti variegated thread.

Joyful wallhanging is echo quilted using Tutti thread.

Joyful wallhanging is echo quilted using Tutti thread.

The aim of this week’s posts was to show you how to use some of WonderFil’s super threads and to show you some alternative techniques for machine applique. I do hope that you’ll branch out and play with other machine applique pieces and threads that WonderFil offers.

One thing I definitely learned this week: I’m a better at sewing than drawing! No matter what, I had fun!

As this will be the last post for 2017 I want to take this time to wish you all a fantastic New Year filled with joy, laughter, good health AND quilting! We’re looking forward to seeing you all again next year for more useful tips and fun projects, here on QUILTsocial

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Pam February 5, 2018 - 7:58 pm

Thanks for the information about DecoBob. I like using a stain stitch for applique and it’s nice to hear about a thread that that will make a more subtle stitch.


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