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3 essential tools for your quilting studio you might not have thought of

3 essential tools for your quilting studio you might not have thought of

by Claire Haillot

In yesterday’s post, I shared 4 best kept secrets to perfecting the flying geese block.

I’ll now share 3 essential tools that make your sewing experience easier, aside from your PFAFF creative icon. There’s no doubt in my mind that the creative icon is an ideal sewing machine for any quilter. If the first two posts of the week haven’t convinced you yet, here are the 3 great features found on the creative icon which help me finish bigger projects.

Biggest & Brightest Workspace | PFAFF® creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine – YouTube

1. Plenty of space

I finally pulled out the embroidery tray from the embroidery carrying case and replaced the conventional accessory tray with it. Wow! I have made it my extension table and what a difference in space. This tray adds to the already widest area possible: 12.2” from needle to arm and 5.5” of height.

I had no problems seeing the entire workspace, no barriers or obstacles in my line of sight as they have also increased the height under the sewing head to 3”.

And I also noticed that the base of the machine was designed to reduce vibrations, giving me the power and stability for precise piecing or quilting.

2. Unprecedented Lighting Design

The creative icon has the most even work light on the market for the brightest sewing experience. LED lighting is perfectly positioned at the most beneficial points to eliminate shadows. I really have no problems seeing what I need, no matter the angles. The machine is so well-designed I can see no matter what size of project.

3. The CreatorCue app on my iPhone and iPad!

This is absolutely wonderful! The PFAFF CreatorCue enables you to have access to your User’s Manual, Techniques and Tutorials, Sewing guide and Fusible guides. So you have an easy access to all of these either on your fabulous big screen on your sewing machine, or at the tip of your fingers on your smartphone or tablet. This means that you can prepare for a project in the comfort of your own home and away from home!

PFAFF® CreatorCue™ App – YouTube

These 3 great features found on the creative icon help me finish bigger projects. Let’s go over 3 must–have tools for sewing success useful to have in your studio, alongside your PFAFF creative icon, of course.

1. Multi sized rulers to measure blocks for accuracy

Like most quilters, I began quilting with just a few rulers.

Now I must admit that I have LOTS of rulers to help me measure all my blocks as I progress in a pattern. And I love the clarity of the Omnigrid and Omnigrip rulers. They come in various sizes so here are my favorites:

  • 8½” x 24” omnigrip  (There is a new size 9½” x 24″ that I can’t wait to try)
  • 8½” x 12” omnigrip (When I don’t need the 24″)
  • 4” x 14” omnigrid (When I don’t need the 8½” either)
  • 1”x12” omnigrid (To check my seam allowances)
  • 6½” square omnigrip  (To square off my small blocks)
  • 12½” square omnigrip (To square off my medium sized blocks)
  •  20½” square omnigrip (To square off my bigger blocks and borders)

The Omnigrip is green and prevents your ruler from sliding on the fabrics. That is very useful.

2. Measuring tape

You absolutely need a 120” measuring tape in order to measure your quilt in one quick step. This comes in handy when calculating batting and backing or before cutting the correct length for borders, I have more information about this in my article ‘Adding Borders‘.

3. Design wall

I find it crucial to have a design wall. I know many quilters don’t have one but it is a must-have for anyone wanting to perfect their quilt making skills.

I call it a “design wall” when all goes well, but it can also be called “The wailing wall” when everything goes wrong. You can read more about how to make it in my article Assembling Your Blocks, it gives you a couple of options to make one at home. But if you really don’t have much budget or space, you can always use flannel fabric hanging from a rod. I have been using this method for my smaller projects and just love the ease.

Furthermore, the design wall is my friend, it helps me figure out how to position flying geese into my quilt. There are so many combinations possible. I play around on my design wall and took pictures until one really makes me happy.

Design Option 1

Design Option 1

Aligning Flying geese blocks on your design wall to create a pattern; Using PFAFF creative icon.

Design Option 2

This is what happens when you let your imagination run free with your Flying Geese blocks on an empty design wall. Using PFAFF creative icon.

Design Option 3

Now that you know my 3 essential quilting tools, make your design wall and play with your blocks and pick a design YOU like. Tomorrow, I’ll show you how I sewed the flying geese blocks together using my beloved PFAFF creative icon.

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