6 steps to set up THE Dream Machine 2

This week on QUILTsocial I’m trying out the new THE Dream Machine 2 from Brother. I thought that my new Brother NQ900 was pretty slick but this new machine is absolutely amazing!

The first thing you notice with this machine is its size. The box it comes in is huge and the machine itself is HUGE!! To give you an idea of how big it is, I took a picture with my rotary cutter on the machine for a size reference.

THE Dream Machine 2 from Brother

This awesome machine has an embroidery unit as well, but since I’m not going to be doing any embroidery this week, I left that part in the box and I’ll let Jean Boyd figure out how to attach it next month when I deliver the machine to her!

Setting up the machine

THE Dream Machine 2 sets up the same as any other machine with a few awesome exceptions! I want to use this machine to its utmost abilities, so I’m going to add ALL of the optional parts that it comes with!

Step 1: add the spool stand

I have a big selection of large spools of thread, so the first thing I wanted to add was the large spool stand. This can be easily added to the back of THE Dream Machine 2 by first opening and lifting off the lid of the machine. The spool stand then snaps onto the machine’s folded down handle.

The spool stand

Step 2: add the multi function foot controller

THE Dream Machine 2‘s multi function foot controller comes with a main foot controller and a side pedal. You attach them together with a metal bar that’s easily screwed to the back of each pedal. Plug the smaller one into the larger one and then plug the main plug into the side of the sewing machine.

The multi function foot controller

Step 3: load the accessory trays

As Bill Locke mentioned in his QUILTsocial post on June 26th THE Dream Machine comes with a wide assortment of accessories that are housed in the accessory case. For those feet used on a regular basis, you can transfer the accessory trays to the accessory compartment of the flat bed attachment.

The accessory tray compartments

Step 4: attach the sensor pen holder

The sensor pen can be plugged into the side of the machine and it can be stored in the holder that it attached to the side of the sewing machine.

The sensor pen in its holder

Step 5: plug it in and turn it on

I said to my husband that using this machine is like sewing on a laptop! When you turn the machine on, an opening movie and music plays on the LCD screen! That was quite a surprise!

The opening movie

If you have any trouble figuring out how to set up certain parts of the machine, it comes with a very helpful 1″ thick manual, and you can also check out the help screens. The page shown below explains all of the principal parts of the machine. Just touch any of the pictures shown and a new screen will come up explaining how the part is added to the machine. Some of the sections even have videos to walk you through it!

The Operations screen

Step 6: threading the machine

The automatic threader button on THE Dream Machine 2 makes threading your needle a breeze! In Bill’s QUILTsocial post on June 22nd he shared a video which shows how AWESOME the needle threading and bobbin sensor are on this machine.

The automatic threader button

Now that I’ve got THE Dream Machine 2 set up in my sewing room, I can’t wait to start using it!! Even my teenage boys are impressed with the sheer size of the machine and the very cool touch screen. They’re already taking bets on whether I’m going to want to trade in my NQ900 for this one!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about some of the amazing ways that you can customize this machine – just wait until you see it in action!

This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

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