PFAFF creative 3.0 embroidery feature makes your quilting dreams come true

I’ve had fun this week creating from scratch with the PFAFF creative 3.0. In yesterday’s post I finished putting together the quilted book bag. In today’s post, I’d like to share with you an embroidered bag that I made – for me!

PFAFF creative 3.0 with embroidery unit

Personalized embroidered bag

It started out simple enough; while I was working on figuring out an embroidery design for the quilted book bag, I found a built-in embroidery design that I really wanted to try. From looking at it in the Embroidery Collection book that comes with the creative 3.0, I could tell that the design stitched out really nicely using variegated thread.

Embroidery collection book

I didn’t use the exact colors as the original, but I did have fun changing out my greens and using two different spools of variegated thread.

Then I decided I wanted to personalize the design by adding my blog name around it. It was easy to line up the letters around the design using the information on the Color Touch Screen. I used the stylus and was able to adjust the placement of the letters so they would be the same distance away from the design on both sides. Then I highlighted the design from the stitching field and deleted it as I had already used it and didn’t want to stitch it out again.

Positioning the letters around the design.

Embroidery design stitched out in hoop.

For the letters I used pink thread to add some more color to the arrangement. I really liked it! It was then that I decided to use this embroidery to make my own quilted bag. I decided on making a wide zippered mouth pouch following Noodlehead’s tutorial. I built up the size of my pouch using some batik scraps.

I made a small liberated churn dash block for the other side of the pouch using my own tutorial you can find here.

Once both parts were the same size I added a piece of batik fabric to the bottom of each to make the sides bigger.

Then I quilted each side with batting and stitching in the ditch of the batik strips.

First side of bag assembled

 I even used the topstitching foot to add the stitching beside the zipper.

Adding topstitching beside zipper

I was pleasantly surprised to see how the sides of the bags came together. I boxed the corners quilt large, cutting off 2½” because I knew I wanted the pouch to have a wide base.

Embroidered side of bag

Liberated churn dash side of bag

Side of quilted bag.

I really like how it turned out! This quilted bag is big enough to fit some of the basics I take with me to quilting sew days, including my 6½” square ruler.

Inside the quilted bag.

I hope I inspired you this week with how easy it is to be creative with this PFAFF machine. The creative 3.0 has the features and built-in designs to make it easy to sit down and create!

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