Drawing designs with the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

Yesterday I showed you how to scan a drawing of a stencil and save it to the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 library, and then create a small framed picture.

A stencil design cut on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

I hope you’re enjoying my tutorials on how to use your Brother ScanNCut SDX225. Over the past few months, I’ve shown you how to cut out fusible applique shapes and stencils. I’ve also given you just a little bit of information about using the drawing feature of this amazing machine. Today, I’ll show you how I used a Redwork pattern of mine (Redwork Cottage) and turned it into a design that can be drawn on fabric. I was also able to cut out the applique shapes required for this pattern. And everything was done on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225!

My Redwork Cottage quilt

1. Place the original design from the pattern on the Brother scanning mat.

Place drawn design on the scanning mat

2. Load the scanning mat into the ScanNCut and press Scan. You’re now given the option to direct cut, scan to cut data or scan to USB. Choose Scan to Cut Data.

Three options for using the scanning function

3. Frame the image using the arrows that appear on the screen. This gets rid of any extra lines that may be around the edges of the image.

Frame the image by using the arrows.

4. Press the Inside/Outside key (highlighted in the picture) to select all parts of the image.

Select all parts of the image for saving.

5. Save to the ScanNCut machine.

6. Return to the home screen, retrieve data and select the house file.

7. Select Object Edit.

8. Touch the Select key (3 red squares).

Select all parts of the image.

9. Choose Select All (the key on the right). This will select all the elements of the design and put red boxes around them.

10. Go back to Edit.

11. Select the Group All key. Now all the design elements will be grouped together and can be edited all together.

Select all parts of the image.

Group all parts of the image.

12. Choose the Size key. This is where you can resize design to the desired size – a great feature on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225. I made mine 85% of the original size so it will fit the picture frame I’m using to display this piece.

Re-size as desired.

3. Cut a 12″ square of fabric (or whatever size you need up to 12” square) for the background. Place it securely on the Brother fabric mat. This mat has recently been introduced by Brother for the Brother ScanNCut SDX225. It has tacky adhesive to secure fabric for drawing and cutting and has been specially designed for thin cotton fabric.

14. Load the mat into the ScanNCut SDX225.

Place fabric on fabric mat and install the blue erasable marking pen.

15. Put the blue erasable pen in the pen holder. This pen is just one of several that come with the ScanNCut. The markings from this pen will disappear when wet.

16. Select Draw and the ScanNCut SDX225 will draw the entire design on the fabric!

Design is drawn on fabric.

17. My Redwork Cottage pattern also includes the applique shapes for the roof and trees, and these can be cut on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 too.

18. Place the paper pattern for the applique shapes on the Brother scanning mat.

Paper pattern is placed on Brother scanning mat.

19. Load the mat into the ScanNCut and choose Scan to Cut Data on the screen. The shapes can now be saved in the ScanNCut for future use.

20. Press fusible web such as Heat n Bond Feather Lite on the back of the roof and tree fabrics, following the directions given with the product. Remove the paper backing from the fusible web.

21. Place the fabrics on the standard tack cutting mat.

Place fusible-backed fabric on standard tack cutting mat.

22. Scan the mat so you can see exactly where to place the applique shapes on the fabric. Use the stylus to move the shapes around on the screen and place them where you want on the fabric.

Scan fabric and place shapes exactly where needed.

23. Chose Cut and the machine will cut everything out.

24. Fuse the applique pieces in place.

Fuse applique pieces in place.

25. Embroider on the drawn blue lines and around the edges of the applique shapes. When the embroidery is finished, place the entire piece in cool water for a few minutes and all the blue drawing lines will disappear!

Now your cottage scene is ready for quilting. You could also add borders before quilting. The original pattern has a pieced block and a plain border. The block would also look great as a small wall quilt, or it could be used as a pillow top. 

And here’s my finished appliqued and embroidered cottage!

Finished embroidered and appliqued house design

Please join me again tomorrow when I you how to use the drawing and cutting features of the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 to cut out applique shapes and draw the seam line at the same time!

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Joanne P. Lattrell February 11, 2021 - 8:19 am
Thank you for inspiring me to use my Scan and Cut. I have an older model , but plan on trying some of these new ideas.
Jean Boyd February 11, 2021 - 9:33 am
Thanks for writing Joanne. Good luck with your ScanNCut adventures. Sometimes it's fun just to "play" and try lots of different techniques. It's quite an amazing machine and I'm really enjoying using mine!
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