More sources for stencil designs to cut on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

Yesterday I showed you how to cut a stencil using one of the many designs found in the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 library, and then use it for a small adorable fabric postcard.

Fabric postcard made using a stencil cut on the ScanNCut SDX225. Brother ScanNCut SDX225, Brother scanning mat, Brother stencil sheet, Brother hook and spatula set

More sources for stencil designs

The Brother ScanNCut SDX225 has quite an extensive library of stencils, but there are other sources too. If you use a quilt design program such as Electric Quilt, you’ll find many stencil designs there as well. You’ll also find them in books, magazines, and patterns. You may even want to draw your own stencil design!

When using a design that’s not in the ScanNCut library, you can print it out and scan it into the ScanNCut. That’s what I did to make a bird stencil from a design I found in Electric Quilt.

Here are the steps to follow so you can use this method, too.

1. Print your chosen design on paper.

2. Place the paper on the Brother scanning mat.

Place paper with design on scanning mat and load it into machine.

3. Load the mat into the machine and press Scan to Cut Data.

Press Scan to Cut Data.

The scanned image is on the screen, ready for editing.

4. Once the design is on the screen, you have the option to save it in the ScanNCut machine, your computer or on a USB stick.

3 places to save your design: Scan N Cut SDX225, computer or USB stick

5. Place a Brother stencil sheet on the standard tack cutting mat and load it into the machine.

6. Change the Cutting Speed to 2 and turn on the Half Cut feature. You can find more detailed instructions for these steps on yesterday’s QUILTsocial blog post.

7. Cut the stencil.

8. Use the Brother spatula and/or hook tool, or the spatula that came with the machine, to remove the stencil from the cutting mat.

9. Gather up your stencil inks or paints and some foam brushes or small pieces of foam.

10. Use the brush or foam piece of your choice to pick up some color from the stamp pad. Use a small amount of ink to start with – you can always add more later if you want a darker color. Carefully brush the ink over the stencil to create the design.

Stencil cut on the Scan N Cut SDX225 and stenciling supplies

I added some embroidery to my stenciled design and placed it in a picture frame. Of course, you can also use the stenciled design as a quilt block, add borders to it, and add more stenciled blocks to make a small quilt – the choice is yours!

Stenciled design with added embroidery

Framed stencil design

I hope you’ll join me again tomorrow as we explore some drawing possibilities on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225!

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