Let’s use the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 to make stencils!

Yesterday I gave you a list of supplies to gather up so we could start using the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 to cut some stencils and create new designs on fabric.

Brother ScanNCut SDX225

Let’s get started!

Choose a stencil design from the ScanNCut stencil library. Just select the Stencil icon on the home screen and dozens of designs will show up. I chose the teacup design.

A few of the many designs in the stencil library

Press Set and the design shows up on the screen.

Resize the design if you wish by touching the + or – signs in the edit menu.

Size can be adjusted by touching the + or – signs

Adjust the Cut Speed so it is slower than the default setting. Just touch the ‘wrench’ icon on the home screen to access this menu. I found a setting of 2 works best, especially when you have some intricate design lines like the ones on the cup.

Lower the cut speed to 2 when cutting stencils

Make sure you have the Half Cut feature turned on. This means you’ll be cutting only the top layer of vinyl and not the backing material.

Turn the Half Cut feature on when cutting stencils

As I mentioned, I didn’t have the correct stencil vinyl when I started doing stencils, so I improvised and used a piece of plastic cut from a sheet protector. It didn’t stick to the cutting mat very well, so I used green painter’s tape to tape down the edges. I also discovered that if I sprayed one side of the plastic with 505 temporary fabric adhesive spray, I had no problem when cutting the stencil.

Place a Brother stencil sheet on the standard tack cutting mat and load the mat into the machine.

Place a Brother stencil sheet on the standard tack cutting mat

Press Cut from the home screen menu. This screen gives you the opportunity to cut a test piece so you can make sure the settings are correct for the product you’re using. You can see a little triangle in the bottom left corner. That is the test piece. This triangle can be moved anywhere on the mat.

Notice the test triangle at the bottom of the screen

When you’re satisfied with the settings, press Cut and the Brother ScanNCut SDX225 will cut the stencil perfectly.

Press Start to cut the stencil

Carefully remove the stencil from the cutting mat. Remove the extra pieces of stencil material from the cutting mat by using the Brother spatula and/or hook tool.

Brother hook and spatula set

Perfectly cut stencil with the test cut in the bottom left corner of the stencil

Now it’s time to use your new stencil!

If you’re new to stenciling, it’s good idea to do a few practice pieces on either paper or fabric. As you can see, I did quite a few samples until I found a method that worked for me.

Practice your stenciling skills on fabric or paper

 Prepare your fabric by pressing it and placing it on a firm surface. I like to use green painter’s tape to anchor the fabric, so it doesn’t move when stenciling.

Place your stencil on the fabric. The Brother stencil sheets have a sticky back on them so they adhere to the fabric very well. If you don’t have a sticky back on your stencil material, just use some green painter’s tape on the edges of the stencil material to anchor it.

Use a brush or foam piece of your choice to pick up some color from the stamp pad. Use a small amount of ink to start with – you can always add more later if you want a darker color. Carefully brush the ink over the stencil to create the design.

Stenciling supplies: ink, foam pieces, foam brush and stencil

I’ll use my teacup design for a fabric postcard. You can read all about making fabric postcards in my QUILTsocial blog posts from last month. I did some simple hand-stitching around the main elements of the design for some added contrast and I was ready to finish up my fabric postcard.

Front of stenciled post card

Back of stenciled post card

I’m having a lot of fun creating stencils with my Brother ScanNCut SDX225! Be sure to come back tomorrow when I show you more sources for stencil designs!

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Catherine R Richards February 10, 2021 - 1:30 am
This is really great info. I love decorating with stencils and have wanted to try this on my Scan N Cut. I often use them on my walls (I did my laundry room walls and ceiling in flowers etc.) Is it possible to add reference marks so you can use these designs in borders (or on my walls!)?
Jean Boyd February 11, 2021 - 9:37 am
Hi Catherine. Glad you enjoyed the QUILTsocial post on the ScanNCut. I'm sure you can add reference marks to a stencil. You could just add a few circles or squares to the stencil in appropriate places and use those as your reference marks. I haven't tried this myself, but please let us know how you make out.
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