Drawing, writing and cutting with the Brother ScanNCut SDX225!

Yesterday, I showed you how to finish and display your postcards we made using shapes cut on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225.

Now, let’s learn how to use the drawing function on this amazing machine!

Brother ScanNCut SDX225

Last year, for the first time, I made my own Christmas cards using fabric shapes cut on my Brother ScanNCut SDX225. I used a blank paper card and added the fusible backed shapes along with a few embellishments. You need to iron the fabric to the card stock to make it permanent. I used my Clover Mini Iron, but if you’re using a regular iron, don’t use steam and press gently so you don’t burn the paper.

Greeting cards made with shapes cut on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225.

I also made greeting cards last spring when I first got my Brother ScanNCut SDX225. These fabric shapes are already built in to the ScanNCut machine. All you have to do is re-size them to fit the space you have. And you get to use up even more scraps from your stash!

Cards with drawn words and fusible shapes cut on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

Did you notice the writing on these cards? This was done using the drawing feature on the ScanNCut. Yes, you can draw designs or text on fabric or paper using the included pen set! The Brother ScanNCut SDX225 comes with a set of six pens plus two erasable pens (air soluble and water soluble). As an added bonus, you can purchase a Universal Pen Holder that lets you use any of the drawing pens or pencils you already have. The possibilities are endless! Have a look at this video to learn more about the Universal Pen Holder.

The drawing pen set comes with the Brother ScanNCut SDX225.

You can access many words and sayings by selecting the Smile Create button on the home screen. That opens up dozens of designs and all them can be cut from or drawn on fabric or paper.

Select Smile/Create to access words and sayings

Dozens of words and sayings are available on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

I chose the word FUN from the library. When you select Edit, you can resize, rotate, duplicate, etc.

Select the Fill Tool to access the fill menu on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

You’ll also see the Fill Tool. Select that one and you can see all the available fill designs.

Fill menu on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

You can also change the size and angle of the fills. Here’s a look at just some of the variations available. The first ones are drawn on paper and the last one was drawn on fabric. Drawing works equally well on both surfaces.

Just 3 of the many different fill options on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

Drawing on fabric

Here’s how I used the drawing feature on these fabric-embellished greeting cards with help from the ScanNCut SDX225.

Greeting cards with drawn words and fusible applique shapes cut on the Brother ScanNCut SDX225

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make postcards and greeting cards this week. Next month, I’ll show you more tips and techniques to use with the Brother ScanNCut SDX225. Please join me again on QUILTsocial on February 22, 2021.

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