Fun with applique on the new Brother Luminaire XP2

Hi everyone – remember my posts about how the Brother-scanncut-a-quilters-best-friend-for-making-quilt-blocks/ last month when I used the Brother ScanNCut SDX 225 for cutting and creating quilt blocks? Well, this month I’m creating a wall hanging with two of the blocks I cut on the ScanNCut in August. I’ll start with the applique block and promise to show you how I’ll use all the great features that quilters love on the Luminaire XP2.

The Luminaire XP2

The scanning mat with Paper Pattern on Brother ScanNCut SDX225

The XP Luminaire 2 is a brand-new sewing and embroidery machine offering from Brother, or if you have already have the Luminaire XP1, you can upgrade it to the Luminaire XP2 with the XP2 upgrade kit.

supplies and materials for the wall hanging

  • cut pieces for 2 pieced blocks (ScanNCut design PA-A007) as shown in the August 20, 2020 post
  • applique pieces as shown in the August 20, 2020 post
  • 1 piece of fabric for applique background 11″ x 9½”
  • stabilizer 11″ x 9½”
  • backing fabric (wall hanging) 34″ x 9″
  • batting 34″ x 9″
  • continuous binding strip 2½” x 95″
  • 2 separating borders 2½” x 10″
  • matching thread
  • Brother Luminaire XP2
  • rotary cutter and mat

Now let’s get started!

Grab all the applique pieces you cut last month. Remember, it was a bird with wings and leaves.

Applique quilt block pieces

Lay the body of the bird, beak and the leaves in place on the background fabric. You applied Brother Iron-On Fabric Applique Support Sheet to the fabric before cutting the applique pieces on the ScanNCut. Press the applique pieces in position using a hot iron and a pressing cloth.

Place the stabilizer under the background fabric before you start stitching the applique pieces in place. It’s always good practice to stabilize your fabric anytime you are stitching decorative stitches. It adds stability to the fabric and ensures good stitch definition.

At the Luminaire XP2, Select Sewing, Utility Stitches and Q14 the blanket stitch. Stitches that quilters love are all grouped under Category Q in Utility Stitches. I adjusted the width and length to W 3.00 mm and L 4.5 mm.

Blanket stitch for applique displayed on Brother Luminaire XP2

Remember I said the Luminaire XP2 has “great features that quilters will love”? The Luminaire XP 2 has the ability to project your selected stitch onto the fabric so you’re able to audition the stitch, the size of the stitch and the color of the stitch prior to stitching. You can continue to view the projected stitch while you are stitching – helping you to ensure the stitch is falling in exactly the spot you want it to.

To turn on the projector, touch the projector icon. You’ll notice the selected stitch appears projected on your fabric. WOW!

Projector Icon selected

Another new feature Brother has introduced is an optional accessory – the removable Magnifying Lens attachment. The Magnifying Lens attaches to the top of the Luminaire XP 2 and gives you two levels of magnification, helping you to see exactly where your needle will penetrate the fabric and where the stitch will be positioned.

Now stitch the bird body in place. Notice how you can see exactly where your stitches will appear on the fabric.

Stitch projected onto fabric using the Brother Luminarie XP2

You can use the same blanket stitch to stitch the leaves or select a different stitch if you prefer. Remember, you have that projector to help you with exact stitch positioning.

Now place the wing on the bird body. Press it in place and stitch.

Use a chalk marker or erasable fabric pen to draw the twig, extending above the bird’s head and down between the leaves.

I used stitch Q-04 to stitch the twig and to add veins to the leaves.

Leaves and stem stitched on applique block

Tomorrow I’ll show you more exciting new features of the Luminaire XP2 to precision piece our blocks. Join me!

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

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