Precision piecing made easy on the Brother Luminaire XP2

Remember, in my post about scanncut-a-quilters-best-friend-for-making-quilt-blocks/ last month I used the ScanNCut SDX225 to draw ¼” stitching lines on our pieced block before cutting? Well achieving an accurate ¼” stitching line just gets better and easier when using the Luminaire XP2.

The Luminaire XP2

In addition to the built-in projector we used yesterday to display our stitches, the Luminaire XP2 has a guideline marker feature that lets you project your stitching line and a secondary guideline onto your fabric, to show you your stitching line and enable you to line up with the edge of the fabric. With these two features, achieving an accurate ¼” seam has never been easier.

Let’s assemble the block we cut last month. The block was a built-in ScanNCut SDX225 design PA-A007, with a completed size of 9″ x 9″.

1. Attach the ¼” foot to the Luminaire XP2.

2. Select Sewing, Utility Stitch, Category 1, Stitch 1-03. Notice how an image of the selected stitch appears on the screen.

¼” seam, piecing blocks using the Brother Luminaire XP2 Guideline Marker

3. Starting with the half square triangles, place two triangle pieces on top of one another with right sides facing.

4. Place the block pieces under the pressure foot.

5. Touch the Guideline Marker Icon:

Accurate piecing

6. On the Guideline Marker Selection screen, set the Main Guideline mark to align with the ¼” seam line on your fabric and the sub line, which is the edge of the fabric, to ¼”.

Adjusting the guideline marker

Adjusting the guideline marker for accurate piecing

7. Stitch along the projected main guidelines with the sub line at the edge of the fabric. A ¼” seam has never been so easy.

8. Continue to piece the half square triangles and then piece the block together.

The finished pieced block

Another great feature of the XP2 is the Automatic Height Adjustment or AHA feature. With the AHA feature on, the XP2 will automatically sense the height or thickness of the fabric and adjust the pressure foot to the correct height. Perfect when you are stitching bulky fabrics and over seam allowances! You can turn on the AHA feature in the settings screen of the Luminaire XP2.

Oh and by the way… back to the ScanNCut SDX225… Brother just introduced the new Fabric Cutting Mat for the SDX 225. This mat eliminates the need to add a fabric support sheet to a medium tack mat. Making cutting fabric for quilt blocks fast and easy.

The scanning mat with Paper Pattern on Brother ScanNCut SDX225

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