How PFAFF’s creative 3.0 built-in stitches make a gift bag irresistible!

I love a good gift bag, don’t you? This week I’ve been exploring the built in embroidery designs on the creative 3.0 and creating the Autumn Bliss Tabletopper for myself and a hospice quilt block for donating.

In yesterday’s post I designed a hospice quilt block that featured one of the embroidery designs. The thing is, that once you start using the embroidery designs on the PFAFF creative 3.0, it’s so easy, that it’s hard to stop making projects with these. I’m not complaining… Let me fit in one more project for this week using a different embroidery design.

Can you guess what I chose?

Stitched out embroidery designs

The pumpkins!

I used the embroidered pumpkin design to make a treat bag using the friendship bag tutorial by p.s. I quilt. You can find the tutorial here.

Friendship bag tutorial

Fall embroidered friendship bag

I trimmed the pumpkin embroidery to the required size and used some solid fabrics in matching colors to make one side of the bag.

You can see from the photo below that I quilted the seams between the fabrics with different built in decorative stitches found on the creative 3.0. On this side of the bag I kept some symmetry going by repeating stitches and was even able to flip the stitch closest to the pumpkin embroidery to frame the design.

Decorative pumpkin stitch trimmed and sewn into project

On the other side of the bag I alternated orange and black fabrics and then had lots of fun picking different ‘cobweb’ looking stitches. I used white thread for the stitching to help it show on both fabrics.

Stitch categories in lid of creation 3.0.

The fabric panel between the two sides also required some stitching as it becomes the bottom of the bag. For this part I used one of the built in stippling stitches – the curves you see are part of the stitch; I simply pressed the Start/Stop Button and the machine did the rest!

Stippling stitch used to quilt bottom of bag.

To bring all of the different elements of the bag together I used the same fabric for the handles, lining and bottom of the bag. I also repeated the same built-in stitch on both handles and along the joining seam of the bottom and orange and black side of the bag.

You could turn the bag inside out and feature the lining instead – lots of options for this little bag!

Orange and black side of friendship bag

In all of the different projects I made this week I featured built in embroidery designs with a fall theme. I wanted to make sure to let you know that there are 157 built in embroidery designs and 254 stitches on PFAFF’s creative 3.0. You can find stitches and designs to go with almost anything you could want to make a treat bag for 😉

Take a look at the available stitches here.

Three embroidered projects with PFAFF creative 3.0.

It’s been a productive week! Making the Autumn Bliss Tabletopper, a hospice quilt block, and this bag using the built-in embroidery designs has been nothing short of exciting and very addictive…

I wanted to make sure you know that I just scratched the surface of the 157 built-in embroidery designs and 254 stitches on PFAFF’s creative 3.0. You can find stitches and designs for almost any occasion! It’s up to you to explore these! Enjoy!

Take a look at the available stitches on PFAFF’s creative 3.0 here.

This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
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