How to create an applique on the Brother Luminaire XP2

I hope you had a chance to try out the scanning feature I showed you yesterday on the Brother Luminaire 2 Innov-ìs XP2 Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machine. How was it? Wasn’t it great, and so easy to do? After you finish this exercise with me, you’ll want to create more applique on your embroidery with the Brother Luminaire XP2. I suggest if you download images from the internet, try to find ones with thin lines. I prefer to use vector images, which are line images that are better than images created using pixels or bitmaps. This means you can zoom in and scale up the image a huge amount without seeing any loss in detail.

You can also draw your own images, just be sure to use a fine-tipped marker.

The Luminaire 2 Innov-is XP2 Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery Machine

Now, working in the same screen as yesterday, select the Zoom icon (magnifying glass) at the top left, select 400%, and select the Pan key (next to the magnifying glass).

Place the pen on the screen and drag it over to pan the area to be removed.

Select the eraser and select OK. A new window will pop up for you to choose a tip and size.

Start with the default size and select OK; place your pen onto the unwanted lines and erase – like you would with a pencil eraser. If you make an error, use the Back key (at bottom of screen) to undo what you have done.

Remove all the lines and shapes, leaving behind only the box of the mortarboard. You’ll need to toggle back and forth from Pan to Zoom to complete the job.

Erasing lines on mortarboard image

Lines erased from mortarboard design

You’ll have some open areas and will need to fill in the lines to have a completely closed-in area.

Select the Line Property.

Select the Straight-Line tool and begin drawing the line to close in the area and complete the mortarboard shape. To do this, select an open area, touch it with the pen and drag it to the other end to close the line. Be sure the line you draw touches the previous line. You’ll need to zoom in to achieve this.

After completing all the line filling, save your work (select Memory and select the machine icon).

Selecting the Straight-Line tool

Drawing lines on the mortarboard

Working with same screen, select Line Properties. Select the applique stitch and change the color to pink.

Select OK; select the paint can icon at top right corner and touch the image (be sure the image is completely pink). You’ll have some remaining black lines; these are the fill in lines you’ve drawn (zoom in if necessary). Save this image to the machine’s memory as well.

Selecting Line Property tool

Line Property Tool

The Applique Stitch

Paint Can Tool

See how easy it was to create applique with the Brother Luminaire XP2?! Tomorrow I’ll show you how to change the outline of a design using this mortarboard design on the Innov-ìs XP2 ‘cause sometimes we just want to tweak it. Join me!

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