How to make a quilt label with the PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro

I feel like I go on and on about labels, stressing their importance yet I see so many quilts on a regular basis with no label. It makes me sad. Quilt labels are more than just a name tag, today I’ll walk you through how to make a quilt label with the PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro.

So I started asking people why they don’t label their quilts. Most didn’t think it was important, some just didn’t have the time, some thought it just too much work at the end of an already large project–none of these are ‘good’ reasons by the way. Some actually admitted they just didn’t like the way their labels turned out–they were writing them with fabric markers or sending them through their computers and they came out too stiff. I would love to share how labels are EASY with my PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro. If you couple your embroidery machine, any make or model, with the new Premier+ Software then it’s even easier!

I’m not going to go on and on about WHY you need a label, as I already covered all the valid reasons in my July post. Besides, if you’re showing it in a show and it’s not your pattern or quilting it’s a way to give proper (and legal) credit to the pattern maker and long armer. So much for me not going on and on right?

I’ll tell you HOW to make an easy label with the PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro Embroidery machine and Premier +Software. Let me say first off you can create the label right on the machine using one of the six built-in embroidery fonts, I’m a bit lazy and prefer to ‘design’ the label on my laptop (usually while sitting in front of the TV) and then let my embroidery machine stitch it out.

  1. Decide what you want to say–sounds simple right, this can be the hardest part, especially if the quilt is intended as a meaningful gift for someone.
  2. Open the Premier+ software and pop on over the ‘letter’ tab–choose from one of the over 140 fonts. TIP There are some fonts you will automatically eliminate as they likely just won’t work well on a label for example large applique fonts or fonts made with puffy foam or a font that is just too decorative and better suited for a monogram. Choose a smaller font if you have a lot to say.
  3. Start typing–yep that’s it, just type what you want to say in a text box and press the apply button. Don’t like it–no problem, go back to the top of the screen and change the font and press apply again–you can keep doing this until you find the font that you like. Now you know why I like doing this in software on my laptop, it’s super easy.
  4. You can embellish at this point if you want. Add a small super design or other embroidery design, in my case today I’ve chosen to add a star as the name of the quilt is “wish upon a star”.   I could have added spots where I want to add beads or glitter but I’m keeping this one straight forward.
  5. Add a frame. At the top of the screen you’ll find a frame/border tab. Click on it, scroll through the options choose one and click on the apply button. Don’t really like it? Click undo and find a different frame until you find the one you like the most.
  6. That’s it with the design part. Save it and transfer it to your embroidery machine. Here’s another reason I just love my PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro, the large, color screen. Easy to see, easy to read, easy to use!

The PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro Screen with label design loaded

Hints for Successful Label Making

Here are a couple of things I like to keep in mind when I go to stitch out my label.

I like to use a tear away stabilizer–I don’t want it left in. If truth be told, I usually even use water soluble stabilizer and ‘wash’ it out. It doesn’t matter which stabilizer you prefer, Inspira makes a lot of different kinds, those are just two of my favorites.

Choose a plain fabric for the label–as much as I love novelty prints and big bold prints this is a time to keep it toned down. They can be bright and bold colors but keep them plain or a mild tone on tone at the very most.

Turn off your automatic snips. If you leave these on you’ll have a big mess on the back of your label with lots of thread nests and bumps, it’ll just be ugly. This is easy to do on your PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro, just go into tools and it right there!

Here’s a lesson I learned through trial and error that I would like to pass on to you. When I’m doing lots of lettering in a smaller font, like on a label or a recipe tea towel, I use a finer weight thread. Most embroidery thread is 40 weight. I use a 60 weight or even an 80 weight ‘bobbin’ thread in top and bobbin for a nice clear crisp letter.

That’s it. Follow those few simple guidelines and you’ll have a label in no time at all. People will notice your label, they will comment on it and they may even ask you to make them a label. I find this is a nice little income to supplement my thread addiction, which is not why I got my PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro but it sure does make it a bonus!

Turning off the Cut Jump Stitch command

Once I stitch my label, there are still a few choices for adding it to your quilt. You can always use Inspira Stick ‘N Fuse II or another product that you’ll iron onto your label, trim your label and then iron it onto your quilt.

I prefer to trim just outside my stitched frame and turn that fabric under by giving it a good press. Then I hand stitch, yes I said the nasty word, I hand stitch the label to the back of my quilt. I’m NOT a huge fan of hand stitching but this is one of the few times I think it’s the right way to go.

Labels are important for lots of reasons and now with my PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro Embroidery Machine and my Premier + software they’re simple, easy and fast. We have no excuse now for not labeling another quilt especially since we know how to make a quilt label with the PFAFF Creative Sensation Pro!

Completed label, ready to attach to quilt

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