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Make your own stitch using My Custom Stitch Feature on the Brother NQ900


I’ve been having so much fun and have learned so much about my new Brother NQ900 sewing machine over the last few months! Last month on QUILTsocial I showed you more of the great features of this machine and we made a project tote using selvages.

This week I’m going to be experimenting with a few more of the awesome features of this machine including the My Custom StitchTM Feature and twin needle sewing.


The NQ900 sewing machine from Brother.
The Brother NQ900


My Custom Stitch

With the My Custom StitchTM Feature which is available on many of the Brother sewing machines you can sew stitch patterns that you design yourself! The manual that comes with the machine is AWESOME and it has helped me to learn SO much about this machine!


The manual that comes with the NQ900 is very helpful and informative.
The NQ900 manual


The machine comes with a set of grid sheets. If you decide that you just LOVE designing your own stitches, make sure that you photocopy one of these before you use the last one.


The NQ900 sewing machine comes with several pages of grid paper that can be used for design with My Custom Stitch.
The grid sheets


First of all you draw a sketch of your design on the grid sheet set. Remember to draw the design as one continuous line and have the start point and end point of the design at the same height.


The first step for My Custom Stitch is to draw your design on the grid sheet.
Drawing the design


Next you mark the points in the pattern that are positioned at intersections in the grid. This is important if your design has curves in it. Since my design is all straight lines, my points are the ends of each line segment.

Now you determine the sewing order. Each point (where the needle will go into the fabric) is given a number. Some of the points on my design are given two (or three numbers) because the needle needs to stop on that point multiple times.


The stitches need to be numbered before you can enter them into the NQ900 sewing machine.
Numbering the stitch sequence


Before stitching, the monogramming foot “N” needs to be attached to the machine.


The "N" foot for the NQ900 must be attached when stitching with My Custom Stitch sequences.
Attach the “N” foot


Now we have to access the My Custom StitchTM Feature screen on the machine. We do this by selecting the first set of decorative stitches and then 97 as shown in the manual.


The Brother NQ900 manual page showing how to set the My Custom Stitch Feature screen.
Setting the My Custom Stitch Feature screen


The My Custom StitchTM Feature screen is displayed on the LCD display and now I’m ready to start inputting the co-ordinates of our stitches.


The NQ900 LCD display is showing the My Custom Stitch screen.
LCD display showing the My Custom Stitch screen


Thanks for joining me today to learn more about setting up the NQ900 for the My Custom StitchTM Feature. Tomorrow I’ll show you how easy it is to enter the design into the machine!!


This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

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