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Making a quilt using Northcott Fabric, Canvas Collection


Happy Monday, everyone!

 I’m always happy and a bit scared whenever I’m asked to write blog posts. Happy because I like doing it and scared because I have to come up with one or several projects.

This week I’ll make a quilt using Northcott Canvas fabrics. The Canvas collection has 32 vivid colors I just love, they also come in pre-cuts. People who know me know how much I love blenders especially when the collection has nice, bright colors.

The other thing I love about using single colorway fabric lines, such as Canvas, is that all the colors are made to go with each other. No matter which colors you choose, they’ll go well together.

The textured-like print gives the illusion of movement to the overall look of the fabric.


Northcott Fabric, Canvas Collection colorways
Northcott Fabric, Canvas Collection colorways


I’ve not made a quilt using a traditional block style in many years, but have been thinking about doing one for a while now. I saw the perfect opportunity while browsing the Canvas fabrics.

Here’s a sketch of the quilt we’ll be working on this week.


My sketch of the quilt we'll be working on this week, 84½” X 84½".
My sketch of the quilt we’ll be working on this week, 84½” X 84½”.


Here’s my selection for this week’s quilt. Feel free to browse Northcott’s Canvas webpage, and choose the colorway you prefer!

  • 1⅔ yds 9030-11 Cream
  • 1 yd      9030-76 Green
  • 1½ yds 9030-72 Lime
  • 1¼ yds 9030-52 Yellow
  • 1½ yds 9030-55 Orange
  • 1½ yds 9030-58 Red


6 colorful Canvas fabrics
6 colorful Canvas fabrics


The above photo is a tattle tale of my love for bright colors! You may wish other colors. Go with the colors you like. With 32 colors in the Canvas collection to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find a color combination you’ll love.

If you’re wondering where you can find these wonderful fabrics, I’ve got great news. The Northcott website will help you find a local quilt store, by state or province, that carries this line of fabrics. How wonderful is that?

Here’s how!

When you visit Northcott :

  • Click on the product button on the top right menu bar;
  • Select a category of product;
  • After selecting your desired category, you’ll see several fabric collections. As you browse these collections you’ll notice the Product Finder on each webpage. I included the screen shot below.


The Product Finder option is available on every one of Northcott fabric line webpage!
The Product Finder option is available on every one of Northcott fabric line webpage!


Using the Product Finder

Click on the Select State / Prov button to select the state or province in which you would like to search.


Select a state or province from the menu.
Select a state or province from the menu.


After you select a state or province, a list of quilt shops that carry the collection in that state or province appears. The Product Finder also shows which fabrics from the collection each shop carries. Wonderful information at your fingertips without even leaving your room!


View quilt shops that carry the Northcott fabric line you're dreaming of.
View quilt shops that carry the Northcott fabric line you’re dreaming of.


When you click on the name of a quilt shop in the list another window opens containing:

  • the quilt shop’s name
  • street address
  • phone number
  • email address and
  • a map!


Find all the information about the quilt shop supplying the fabric you're dreaming of.
Find all the information about the quilt shop supplying the fabric you’re dreaming of.


Now you know exactly how to find out which of your local quilt shops stocks the Northcott Canvas fabrics you’ll need for this week’s quilt. 

For some, this project will be a review of techniques while for others, it will be a brand new way of sewing. It’ll be a fun week, adding some color to this cold winter. Well, cold for some of us!

Come back tomorrow to see how I’ll put this beautiful project together.


This is part 1 of 5 in this series.

Go to part 2: 1 way to avoid ‘finicky measuring’ when making Half Square Triangles

I took my first quilting course in September 1994 in Barrie, Ontario, near the armed forces base where I was stationed. After moving to Ottawa in 1996, I joined my first guild. I took more courses and began to buy quilting books and lots of fabrics. Quilting has become my passion. I have made over 150 more quilts since then, and have never looked back. I now share my knowledge of quilting by teaching and doing presentations, and blogging!


  1. Helga

    That’s going to be a beautiful quilt. I love that pattern.

  2. Quilting Jeannie

    Love these fabrics and especially sewing HSTs in my quilts.

  3. Saundra McKenzie

    Simply beautiful. Love the colors.

  4. Penny Jennings

    Love this pattern.

  5. Laurence Price

    This is a very nice fabric. Great bright colours would look perfect in my house.

    • then I suggest to make one for yourself, you deserve it

  6. Ruth Liscumb

    I enjoyed reading your blog and how you presented it. This is a beautiful line of fabric and the quilt you made with it is stunning. I look forward to reading day 2 of your blog.

    • Thanks Ruth, your comments are appreciated. I now have an idea for another quilt using this line of fabrics again. Just need to decide which 3 or 4 colours I want to use.

  7. Cindy Shelley

    These canvas blenders are wonderful.

  8. Janet E

    Looks like a fun quilt. I look forward to reading your blog this week. Thank you Paul.

  9. Anna brown

    Very very pretty quilt tyty love 5he fabric…

  10. Cindy Weeks

    I downloaded a new to me block last night! These colors will be perfect!

    • I want to see your completed quilt, please

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