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Quarter square triangles make many disappearing quilt blocks

Quarter square triangles make many disappearing quilt blocks

by Jean Boyd

Yesterday I showed how to use the laser light on the Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine to make very accurate quarter square triangle blocks.

Use the laser line as a guide for accurate sewing.

Now itʼs time to cut the blocks apart, make the original design disappear and create a whole new block. I made several quarter square triangle blocks using a variety of 10″ squares, so I’ll have lots of design possibilities.

  • Cut 2½” strips from 2 sides of each block as shown in the picture below.

Cut 2½” strips from 2 sides of each block.

  • Rearrange the 2½” strips and the center sections.

Rearrange the strips to create a new block – Version 1

Version 2: Another way to rearrange the strips to create a new block.

  • Sew the sections together to create a whole new block.

Make sure to use one of the ¼” feet that come with the Brother BQ3050 machine to ensure accurate sewing. If you like to pin your pieces together before sewing, use the ¼” foot without the guide – the guide just gets caught up in the pins. If you don’t need to pin, use the foot with the guide.

I arranged my block sections on a design wall to see how they would look when put together. I think these new blocks would make an attractive border on a quilt or they could be used in a row quilt.

This arrangement would make a great border.

I could also sew the blocks together with sashing in between for a completely different look.

Here’s a different way to recut this simple quarter square block. From my 8½” block, I cut 2½” strips from one side and the bottom.

Cut a 2½” strip from one side and the bottom.

When I rearrange these pieces, I get a very modern-looking block. When I combine pieces from several different blocks, the design possibilities are endless!

A new modern-style block from the original quarter square triangles

When sewing a block like this with several seams coming together, I really appreciate the automatic fabric sensor feature on the Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine. This feature delivers consistent stitch quality whether sewing through just 2 layers or multiple layers of fabric. To access this automatic fabric sensor feature, just press the machine setting key at the bottom of the screen. This brings up another screen that allows me to turn this feature on or off.

Press the machine setting key to access multiple setting screens.

Also on this help screen, you’ll see the adjustment for the laser guideline marker I’ve been using so much this week. I can fine-tune the placement of the line and also adjust the brightness of it.

Press + or – to adjust the position and brightness of the laser line.

There are many help screens on the Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine. One that’s really useful when you first get the machine is this one. Many of the major features of the machine are indicated. Just touch one of the buttons for more information on that part. You get a full description right on the screen. There is also a complete printed manual if you need further information about any of the features.

Press any of the buttons for more information about that part of the machine.

There’s also a time and date key. Just press the button and I can set the time and date. Use the + and – keys to change the numbers.

Time and date key

Set time and date on this screen.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show some more disappearing block designs and introduce the circular attachment – the latest toy I’ve just received for my Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine!

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